Top 5 Lifestyle Changes Everyone Must Make In 2017

    Are you one of those who very energetically makes a New Year resolution every year but fails to stick to them once the confetti is swept off? Undoubtedly, we all are guilty of making exciting resolutions and then leaving those behind as we move forward into the year. How about giving the oh-so-hyped-resolutions the boot and trying something fresh this New Year?

    Several studies concluded that new habits are much more likely to last if you focus on one change at a time and undertake it slowly yet persistently. In this article we will try to offer you some worthy lifestyle changes that everyone can easily give a try and make their lives better. Here are top five lifestyle adjustments that will definitely help you create a healthier and happier life. Take a look!

    Make healthy eating a priority

    We all are guilty of putting toxins into our body; whether it is in the form of oily, greasy and calorie rich food or smoking and drinking. Although we all know that eating right and exercise is no brainer but fighting the temptations becomes the ultimate challenge. Try to examine your behavior and realize that you have the power to overcome your bad habits. Target one habit at a time and make smaller goals, which are more specific, measurable and time-specific in order to succeed.

    Love yourself more

    We are all plagued by insecurities, some of us regarding our jobs while others hope to achieve a better body, lose weight etc. While there is nothing wrong in trying to improve yourself but insecurities can give rise to bitterness and discontent. There’s nothing more important than loving yourself for what you are and being comfortable in your own skin. Embrace yourself and start being content with what you have. Start every morning by appreciating yourself and spend more time with people who make you feel good. This will not only boost your confidence but will also nurture your self-esteem.

    Move your body

    We usually drop exercise to the bottom of our priority list due a busy schedule or our laziness. Well, this year you need to bump it up your list. Exercise will not only give you a lean and toned body but will also amp up your fitness game. Regular exercise is associated with improved immunity, better sleep and overall health. Take up Yoga or meditation or go for a regular walk, it doesn’t really matter what exercise you undertake as long as you keep your body moving and active.

    Focus in de-stressing

    Stress in an inevitable part of our lives and a little pressure every now and then is in fact good for us as it gives an energy boost. But the thing is, we sometimes become so accustomed to a fast-moving and busy life with long hours of work, little sleep that we forget to manage stress. This year try to slow down and de-stress. The best way is regular meditation. Meditation has plenty of scientifically proven physical and mental health benefits and the best part is it can be easily included in our daily schedule. Once you explore the peace of mind and calm that meditation brings, you will be forced to get more and more engaged. You can also accompany your daily meditation with Mala and prayer beads to maximize the benefits.

    Pursue something you actually love

    Nothing can be better than gifting yourself the opportunity to pursue your truest passions. Whether it is writing, travelling, sports or music, go ahead and explore instead of anchoring yourself to your job. There is no greater fulfillment than doing something you actually love and enjoy and the only way of experiencing that fulfillment is to pursue your dreams and passion. Work is going to be a major part of your life, so do not settle.

    Whatever you decide make sure you stick to it and have a happy 2017!

    The Zigverve Team
    The Zigverve Team
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