The Power Of Music

Music is an integral part of our day to day lives. It is perfectly weaved into the pullover of our life and it makes us feel alive and cheerful every single day.

On a hot summer day, tired by monotonous schedule, cool lemonade with some soothing blues makes us feel fresh. On a lonely cloudy day, some pinch of classics makes us feel alive.

Music is the meditator betweeen the spiritual and the sensual life
–Ludwig van Beethoven

Sad? Feeling low?? Troubled??? Whatever your mood is, there’s always a melody to cheer you up .

Even nature fulfills our demand of music. From the melodious chirping of the morning birds, splashing of rain drops on a window pane, the swaying of the yellow autumn leaves in the wind to the return of the sparrows fluttering their wings as the dawn sets in, nature never fails to imbibe us with its music everywhere.

A wise man seeks by music to strengthen his soul: the thoughtless one uses it to stifle his fears. Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.
— Confucius

So what’s special about music that benefits us?

  • A party for the brain – When listening to your favorite melody, multiple areas of brain are stimulated like fireworks in the sky.
  • Improves concentration and focus – It helps us to focus better on things. A study playlist might help you to score well in your exams.
  • Releases stress – It makes a man calm, less anxious and stress free.
  • Provides pleasure – The surge of endorphins in the brain gives a feeling of reward. That’s the same surge that gives you goosebumps when you hear your favorite melody.
  • Improves work efficiency- A 10 minutes relaxing music session amplifies your work efficiency several times having analogous effects as with sleeping.
  • Promotes healing and curbs pain- According to researches, patients in a hospital showed better recovery when exposed to music in their wards.

So, fellas! Plug in your earphones, put up your favorite music and close your eyes. A world of ecstasy awaits you.