7 Interesting Facts About the Pinyon Pine Tree in New Mexico

    Have you ever come across an area that was completely empty and looked very dry in New Mexico, but that had some trees growing in it? If yes, then you must have wondered which types of trees can actually succeed in such conditions. Well, if this is what you are wondering, then it would be time for you to get acquainted with the pinyon pine tree and learn more about it in general.

    If you’ve had experience with the areas that I have described above, then there is no doubt that you have actually seen pinyon trees, because those can definitely grow in the conditions that we have mentioned. In case you are interested in this particular tree, for one reason or another, then there is no doubt that you would love to find at least some useful and interesting facts about it. You could be fascinated by the tree, or you could simply be interested in learning as much as possible about various different ones, which is also okay.

    Whatever your specific case may be, there is one thing absolutely for sure. Simply put, you are interested in getting more information about the pinyon pine tree that you have seen grow in New Mexico. And, if you are ready to learn, then you’ve undoubtedly come to the right place. Below I am going to share some interesting and useful facts that you should know about these particular trees, and I am sure that those will satisfy your curiosity, at least to a certain extent. So, let’s begin.

    It Is A Slow Growing Tree

    Here is one thing that everyone who has even the slightest idea about pinyon pine trees already knows. Yet, there is a good chance that you are completely new in this world, which is why I have to explain even the most basic fact that is usually well-known about these trees. Basically, they are slow-growing, which means that you’ll often find quite small ones and you’ll watch them remain small for a long, long time.

    It Has A Long Live-Span

    Speaking of things remaining the same way for a long time, there is another significant fact that you absolutely have to know. The pinyon pine also has a long lifespan, which is definitely great, since it means that you’ll be able to enjoy its beauty for a long time if you have it somewhere in your vicinity. If you want to be absolutely sure that you’ll enjoy said beauty for a long time, then it might be best for you to have a look at and similar places that could offer you some tree care services, and thus ensure that your pinyon pine is healthy.

    It Is Drought Resistant

    Here is another interesting fact that you will absolutely love knowing. While all plants require some type of watering and while most of them need moisture to survive, pinyon pines are actually quite drought- resistant. This is why they survive the warm climate in New Mexico. Of course, if you want to grow this tree on your own, you shouldn’t neglect its watering needs, because it will definitely strive when those watering requirements are met. Watering once a month in cold weather and twice a month in warm weather should be enough to keep it healthy.

    Its Botanical Name Has A Message To Send

    There is the word “edulis” in the second part of the botanical name of this particular tree, and it actually has a message to send to us. This should be a well-known fact by now, but let me explain it anyway. Basically, edulis is Latin for edible. Does this mean that the entire tree is edible? Well, no! That would be quite weird, wouldn’t it?

    So, what does this word in its name actually refer to? If you have any knowledge of pinyon pine, then you already know that this refers to those edible seeds that are produced in cones that actually grow in clusters on the mature pinyon pine trees. These seeds are sold on the market as well, and they can be used for making cakes, candies, cookies and similar things. Simply put, the seeds are the edible part.

    Native Americans Used It For Tea As Well

    While the seeds appear to be the only edible part, it does not mean that some other parts of this tree cannot be useful for people. In fact, one of the things that you’ll learn about pinyon pine when you start researching it in detail is that the Native Americans have used it for quite various purposes, including the purpose of making tea. To be more precise, they used its needles to make tea, and you can do that nowadays well. What’s more, you can find and buy pinyon pine needle tea on the market today, and it is presumed to have quite a lot of health benefits.

    A Lot Of Animals Rely On It For Food

    We are not the only species that can enjoy pinyon pine, though. A lot of animals rely on its seeds for food. That includes birds, squirrels, chipmunks, quail, mule deer, and even black bears. So, the conclusion that we can make here is that the pinyon pine can be quite useful both for animals and for humans, which certainly makes it amazing. That is another reason why you might want to start growing it in your yard or basically anywhere else, i.e. in any area in which you have the space for this particular tree.

    Call In The Pros For Pruning And Caring

    Now, while these trees don’t require excessive care, you will still need to treat it with occasional pruning and with proper care. The best thing to do here would be for you to call in the pros to handle the necessary work for you. This is not only because the pros will know what needs to be done, but also because the pros will know how to do those things perfectly. So, you’ll get to enjoy the seeds and the beauty of the pinyon pine, while the professionals will handle the caring part.

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