Signs of a Clogged Drain and Tips to Clear It

    A blocked or clogged drain is one of the most common reasons why people have to call a plumber. However, there are drain clogs that do not need a plumber. They can also be cleared by implementing some tips and methods.

    A blocked or clogged drain is a nuisance. It not only creates foul smells but also hinders the task you do on daily basis. For example, if your kitchen sink drain is clogged, how will you wash the dishes? If your shower drain is blocked, then how will you take shower? Therefore, a clogged drain should be dealt with on an urgent basis because it can create a lot of disturbance in your daily routine tasks.

    Signs of a Clogged Drain

    The good news is that a clogged drain is the simplest to identify through CCTV drain survey. There are clear warning signs that you can analyse to find out if your drain is blocked or not. Some of the warning signs are given below.

    ·         Bad Smells

    Whenever you have an unusually bad smell near your sink, toilet, or shower drain, it can be an early sign of a blockage in your drain. This is a sewer-like smell that you can easily identify from other types of smells. Therefore, if you notice any such smell in your bathroom or kitchen, you should check your drains to prevent further issues.

    ·        Overflowing Water from Drains

    You are used to getting the flow of water going down the drains. However, it is unusual when you see the water flowing out or backing up from the gutters. If this is happening, this is a warning sign that your pipe is blocked down somewhere. The hindrance down the drain will not allow a smooth flow of water. It will throw the water back up instead.

    ·        Gurgling Sounds from Drains

    When you flush the toilet and after flushing, you hear strange sounds out of the drain just like there is some monster down there. This is not the monster; this is the clog that is not allowing the smooth flow of waste and water down the pipes. The water is pooling inside the pipe and it pushes and resists the waste from going down. This resistance is making strange sounds. These gurgling sounds are a sign of a clogged pipe.

    ·        Slow – Draining Water

    Another clear warning sign of a clogged drain is the slow flow of water while it drains from the pipe. If you notice that after taking shower, the water starts pooling up in the tub and takes more than usual time to drain, this means there is some drainage issue and you may have a clogged drain.

    Tips to Clear Drain Clogs

    We understand that clogs are a common issue but they can be very disturbing and irritating because they create hindrance in your daily tasks. That is why we have created a list of tips that you can try to unclog the drain yourself instead of calling the plumber.

    1.     Cleaning of the Pipe

    This tip is very useful in clearing out the drains or blockage in the pipes. The process is very easy and simple but this procedure needs some technical knowledge. If you do not feel confident handling the pipe, then do not try it yourself. Perform the following steps.

    • Place a bucket under the U-shaped pipe to collect any water during the process.
    • Slip nuts are at both ends of the pipe. You have to loosen the nuts with the help of a wrench.
    • You can use an old toothbrush to clean the inside area after the pipe is removed.
    • Rinse the pipe thoroughly and then put it back. This method is considered very effective for cleaning drains.

    2.     Try a Plunger

    A plunger is a very common tool that is found in every household or else you can buy it from a local store. Plungers are an ancient technique but are considered very effective in clearing drain blockages. Perform the following method by following the below steps.

    • Clear the area around the drain.
    • Remove the top cover of the drain and place the plunger above it.
    • Press the plunger in the downward direction to make a tight seal between the plunger and the drain.
    • Now press the plunger downwards and then upwards to suck out the clog down the pipe.
    • Then do the final step and pull out the plunger with much force.
    • Hopefully the clog will clear out but it may take 3,4 tries.

    3.     Use Chemical Cleaners

    You can try a chemical cleaner if you do not want to do it by your hand. Chemical cleaners are easily available at local grocery stores. You have to follow the below steps for the chemical cleaner to work.

    • Pour down the chemical cleaner down the drain.
    • Do not exceed the amount suggested on the bottle.
    • Let the cleaner rest inside the drain for some time in order to do its work.
    • Ideal time to let the cleaner sit inside is overnight.
    • Next morning, pour down hot water.
    • Run water down the drain to see if the blockage is removed or not.

    4.     Use Biological Cleaners

    If you do not want to harm your pipes through harsh chemical cleaners, then you can try biological cleaners. They use enzymes to cut through the grease and blockage. However, they are not as effective as chemical cleaners. They cannot clear out tough drain clogs.


    Domestic and Commercial drain cleaning may seem easy and simple but sometimes simple drain clogs can also lead to serious plumbing issues. These issues can also lead to bigger problems that will require the services of a plumber. That is why you should take preventive measures in order to prevent drain clogs.

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