Healthy food for kids, which they will love

    Children need good nutrition for growth and development. With a good nutrition, your kids will enjoy health and well-being and be able to fight some chronic diseases. Poor diet and physical inactivity are some of the leading causes of illness in children. According to the national academics press, many American children’s diet falls considerably short of the recommended dietary standards. In this article, we feature healthy food for kids, which they will love. When choosing the best foods for the kids, make sure they are not allergic to the food you want to cook for them. In case your kid is allergic to some foods, it’s mandatory that you learn about food allergy treatment options.

    1. Eggs

    The egg contains a good balance of proteins and nutrients that helps the children to have a good concentration in class. Parents can consider fold scrambled eggs served with a healthy balance of carbohydrates for breakfast. This gives your kids a good protein and carbohydrates combination helping them to stay alert even when in class. For a change, you can alternate the scrambled eggs with egg salad sandwiches or even the deviled eggs. The egg contains nutrients that help in the development of the brain. Moreover, eating a healthy balance of protein found in the egg helps the children to regulate and maintain a good weight.

    2. Serve Some Greens for Children Meals

    The greens are full of vitamins and are a good meal for the children. Spinach and kale are some good examples of greens that your children will love. These are linked to lower the odds of getting dementia when at old age. Moreover, Kale contains antioxidants and several other things that help the brain cells to grow. For the kid, you might have to apply some creativity when serving the greens, as they might not like them. Thus, you can include kale in smoothies during the snacks time or add the spinach to lasagna greens will help to protect the kids against diseases. Encourage the kids to take the vitamins at every meal.

    3. Give the Kids Grain foods

    Some good grains for the kids include bread, pasta, noodles, rice and corn among others. The grain foods are good for the children since they give the children the energy they need to grow and develop. Give the children grain foods with a low glycemic index. This includes pasta and bread and gives the children longer-lasting energy keeping them feeling fuller for longer.

    4. Beans

    The beans are classified as humble superfood loaded with proteins and fiber. The beans are available at a cheap price and will take less time to prepare. You can purchase the low-sodium canned beans for the kids. There are different types of beans that you can prepare for the kids. Some of the favorite beans for kids include black beans, the chickpeas, and the kidney beans. When cooking the canned beans, rinse them off with a good amount of water to remove the excess sodium.

    5. Sweet Potatoes

    The sweet potatoes too take little time to prepare and are a nutritious meal for the children. The sweet potatoes are appealing for children because of the natural sweetness that they usually have. They are packed with vitamin A, plenty of fiber and potassium, which are good nutrients for Childs growth. The sweet potatoes allow you to limit salts and increase the level of potassium keeping blood pressure and ensuring healthy hearts. Rich in carbohydrates and vitamins, the sweet potatoes will support the growth of the kids. The sweet potatoes contain vitamin A and beta-carotene, starch and fiber contains important mineral and is low on fats.

    6. Include Fish in Kids Meals

    Fish is a very good source of vitamin D and it is packed with Omega-3s. Eating foods packed with Omega-3 helps improve mental abilities. In fact, for aged persons, foods like fish are good for helping fight dementia. Thus, by introducing foods like fish at an early age, you are eliminating any chances of developing declined mental skills or even memory loss. Some good examples of Omega-3 sources are Salmon, Tuna, as well as Sardines. By feeding on more foods with Omega-3, the better the human brain will begin to function. Therefore, the kids will have a good ability to remain focused in class and in other situations that require reasoning. You can serve the fish grilled, or even offer it in the sauce for dipping.

    7. Protein-rich Foods for Children

    The foods that are rich in proteins are important for the growth and development of children. Some good examples of the foods that are rich in protein include lean meat, chicken meat and eggs, chickpeas, and also nuts. Children need these foods to ensure they have healthy muscle development. In addition, the foods we have listed above do contain a good balance of essential minerals that helps in the development of the children body parts. Some of the essential minerals include zinc and iron that are good for muscles development especially in young children and adolescents. The protein-rich foods are also essential for brain development and help children in learning.

    8. Healthy Fats for Kids

    Encourage your children to eat a good balance of fats. The kids need plenty of fats and a good reason why you need to consider the fats is that they help the kids to feel filled up. Good examples of healthy fats for the children are monounsaturated fats that come from the olive oil, avocados, seeds as well as the nuts. In addition, the polyunsaturated fats are good for the children and include the Omega-3 fatty acids that can be found in fish.

    Your kids need to feed on a healthy balanced diet every meal. Ensure that they are taking enough water to help in digesting the foods and keep the skin hydrated. Encourage the children to play, it also helps in the physical health of the kids.

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