What is digital eye strain and how to protect your eyes from it using Luteza?

    The world is going digital. No wonder we spend a lot of our time before a screen, be it a smartphone, tablet or computer. All the information we need, all the people we need to interact with, all the shopping we need to do, everything is at our fingertips. However, such comfort doesn’t come without a price. We’re already facing so many issues due to the same. Obesity, bad posture, Digital eye strain etc. We’re exposed to a whole spectrum of lifestyle diseases.

    It’s time we fight back. We provide ourselves with enough weapons to tackle this new problem. While researching for methods to take better care of our health in modern time, I came across an excellent product named Luteza, which is marketed in India by Lavue Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to ‘Eye Care’. Basically, Luteza acts as a safety shield for eyes by providing nutrients that are otherwise unavailable to us.

    What is digital eye strain?

    Digital eye strain can be defined as the discomfort a person suffers after screen use of longer than 2 hours at a time. This is basically a collection of symptoms including eye strain, eye fatigue, dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, disturbed sleep, neck and shoulder pain.

    What can be done to reduce digital eye strain?

    1. Always take frequent breaks between work where you’re exposed to digital screens or glare.
    2. Reduce overhead lighting to avoid glare off the screen. Also don’t position lighting such that it directly points into your eyes.
    3. Maintain a viewing distance of at least an arm’s length between your eyes and the computer screen.
    4. Increase font size on your screen to reduce strain on eyes while reading.
    5. Take proper nutrition. If needed you can take supplements like Luteza.

    What is Luteza?

    Luteza is a nutritional supplement acting as a safety shield for eyes.

    This product has effectively combined two branded ingredients namely Lutemax2020 from OmniActive Health Technologies, USA and AstaReal from Fuji Chemicals Co., Japan. This is one of the first product of its kind that’s available in Indian Market.

    Luteza is available in the shape of chewable soft vegetarian gummies. It comes in the flavor of red grapes. Appropriate dosage is 2 gummies a day and is recommended to taken for 3 months for best results. One pack of Luteza contains 20 gummies.

    How does Luteza work?

    Exposure to screens and radiations causes free radical generation which have the potential to harm your eyes along with a lot of other harmful effects. The ingredients in Luteza—lutein, zeaxanthin, meso-zeaxanthin (from Lutemax 2020) and astaxanthin (From AstaReal)—are potent antioxidants and effectively fights these free radicals. Thereby, it protects your eyes from free radical damage as well as other harmful effects of free radicals.

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    Pros of using Luteza

    1. It combines some super-antioxidants which are otherwise impossible to gain from a regular diet or from other supplements.
    2. Both the ingredients are clinically tested for their efficacy and safety in protecting eyes from Digital Eye Strain.
    3. It comes in the form of soft chewable vegetarian gummies with a flavor of red grapes and cute Teddy shape. Now, what can be better than a nice-looking delicious healthy supplement.
    4. Ingredients come from natural sources—Lutemax 2020 from Marigold flower and AstaReal from Microalgae
    5. The results are quick and one can experience the benefit within a month.
    6. The product is proven to be safe for long term use with no identified side-effect and labelled as FDA GRAS (generally recognized as safe).

    If you are interested to purchase Luteza, you can go to ClickOnCare

    Cons of Luteza

    As far as cons are concerned due to the presence of branded ingredients the cost seems to be on a little higher side. At Rs 400 for 20 gummies, the regular use of 2 gummies per day would cost you Rs 40 per day, which may not be within the reach of everyone. Unless recommended by a doctor, most people may not see it as an affordable necessity. However, the benefits associated with it cover up for the cost.


    If you’re using digital screens for more than 2 hours at a stretch, I will totally recommend the use of Luteza as a nutritional supplement to protect your eyes against the damage from the glare and radiations.  We cannot live our daily life without screens anymore. The least we can do is to protect our eyes using such innovative nutritional supplements. Do you agree?

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