Five Benefits of Yoga in Addiction Treatment

    Millions of people have sworn by the benefits of yoga and it’s been proven through research that yoga can cure almost everything.

    Yoga is especially helpful when it comes to dealing with addictions. The best part about practicing yoga is that it can be practiced by people of all body shapes and types, regardless of their age. There are poses that can be practiced by the beginners, and it goes on. This practice will enable you to find balance on a mental and physical level which will help you combat the addiction. The origin of this practice lies in the Hindu religion, but now it has evolved and reached across the globe. This practice heals the mind and emotions along with fixing all the physical problems. So far, I have witnessed that a lot of people get help from yoga when they are dealing with their addiction. It is a great catalyst for addiction treatment.

    A few advantages of doing yoga while getting addiction treatment are:

    1. It strengthens your mind

    The most important role that yoga plays in this therapy is that it strengthens your brain. It gives your mind the capability to stay strong and healthy. When we practice yoga, we do the breathing exercises as well. These exercises lead us to develop new brain cells and therefore they help us sustain our mental health. It provides us with a sense of relaxation and therefore has a calming effect on our nerves. It also increases our awareness of ourselves.

    2. It will make you physically strong

    Holding difficult poses for a long time while you strain your body in a pose is eventually going to pay off in the form of a stronger body. Yoga has the capability of developing your muscles and making them appear stronger and healthier. It will also help you increase your stamina and endurance level. Since yoga means doing a lot of poses and holding them for a long period of time, you should be able to develop a great stamina in a couple of months if you do yoga regularly.

    3. It Makes You Focus

    Yoga is really good if you want to develop focus. The side effect which is most prevalent among drug addicts these days is that they lack focus. It is a tell-tale sign of their addiction. Yoga serves as a distraction. It keeps you occupied and you start to focus on your wellbeing; knowing all too well that it is bad for your health to actually consume drugs, it provides you with the motivation to keep away from this drug.

    Yoga can make you strong in more ways then you’d expect. It builds up your brain anew. You would be surprised when you see the results. A calmer, happier you will emerge out of this course and you will probably choose to stick to yoga for the rest of your life. Simply put, it will help increase the quality of your life in no time.

    4. Make a future out of it

    Another yet incredible thing that yoga offers is a future. Chances are that you are just starting out with yoga because I have never met an addict in my life who used to be yoga. People who have incorporated yoga and healthy diet in their lifestyle do not get adjusted to smoking pot and doing drugs therefore; I would let you know as a heads up, that if you make your kids do yoga regularly you will observe a great change in them and you can be sure that they will remain healthy during the course of their lives. Also, it has healing capabilities for those who are already addicted to smoking pot. It gives them a reason to live, and a hobby to execute. There are many addicts who have now reached expert levels of yoga practice and left pot behind in their lives forever. I expect the same for you.

    5. Spread the word

    People who smoke weed tend to know others who smoke it as well and often, people fall into the habit of smoking pot simply because they sit in the company that does. Now, if yoga has helped cure your addiction I am positive that you can help others with this and cure their addiction once and for all. If you want you can take an initiative and make a haven for those who are addicted and offer them treatment by doing yoga. Or you can simply become a yoga instructor. The choice is yours, but one thing that I can assure you is that you’re not going to regret your decision of practicing yoga ever.

    So I hope this article motivated you enough to get started with doing yoga and finding your way out of substance addiction. I wish you all the best.

    James Martin
    James Martin
    Currently a student of English Literature, in his final years, James Martin is passionate about writing his thoughts into words. He takes up writing projects in his leisure time to accompany his studies. Generally, understands the essence of writing on every topic, but especially those that relate to his field. He regularly writes at Cannabismo

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