5 Things your orthodontist won’t tell you

    Every facial expression has a meaning, and some may make people stay away from you. A beautiful smile is one of the most amazing expressions that say a lot about you. To ensure that your smile is always as dazzling as it should be, a regular visit to an authorized and certified orthodontist should be on top of your checklist. It will help by ensuring that your teeth are healthy, in perfect shape, and retain their white color. However, your orthodontist will not always tell you everything about the treatment that you may need. Here are 5 things that your orthodontist will not let you know:

    Wrong treatment

    Dental problems are different, and treatment methods also vary. You might seek orthodontist’s help because your teeth have a problem such as cross-bites, buck teeth among others. At first, your orthodontist may take the wrong approach and administer the wrong treatment. When this happens, your treatment will take longer since when your orthodontist realizes that you are under a wrong procedure, s/he will start on the right treatment and will not tell you that you have been in the wrong treatment.

    You are wearing second-hand braces

    Going to your orthodontist may mean that you have to wear braces. After waiting for available slot and fitting braces to come along, you finally get it. All excited and happily wearing them, the orthodontist may conceal the truth that you are wearing someone else’s braces. Professionally refurbished braces are continually making way to the orthodontists. Though fit for use, they still were worn by someone else before you.

    You may have to wear retainers for the rest of your life

    After you complete your treatment, you may not be done yet. You need to keep your teeth in line and to do so; you may have to hold them using a retainer. You can opt for permanent or night retainers depending on what you feel comfortable using.

    Treatment fee is negotiable

    When you visit orthodontist, you head in with your mind on dental care. As such, you may give little to no detail on getting a better bargain. What the orthodontists will not tell you is that their fee could be negotiable and you might end up saving some bucks. Do not assume that because you are insured, you do not need to consider the financial impact of visiting an orthodontist.

    What is the timeline?

    When you visit the orthodontist for your dental care, the timeline given is an estimate f how long it will take. However, this estimate may not stick. It may change due to various factors such as miss diagnosis by the orthodontist. It may also be as a result of the changes such as growth changing the dental alignment hence the estimated timeline. How you adhere to the process also affects the schedule meaning that it may take lesser or require more time.

    Maintaining a dazzling smile is not that easy without an orthodontist to take care of you. However, as you enjoy orthodontic treatments, remember not only to ask the frequently asked questions; go further, ask the odd questions, they matter too. There are things that your orthodontist will not offer to tell unless you ask keenly.

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