10 Common Conditions Treated at Walk-in Clinics

    Most of us have been in the hospital for one reason or another, from childhood through adulthood. Do you, though, know the difference between a hospital and a walk-in clinic? Both facilities provide medical care. However, they often treat different conditions.

    Since you may be less familiar with walk-in clinics, here are examples of conditions that would be treated in this facility:

    1. Common Cold

    Some people get more frequent and severe colds than others. When you’re dealing with a bad cold, your best bet is to go to the walk-in clinic.

    2. Strep Throat

    Do you suspect you have strep throat? You can get tested quickly at an urgent care facility, as well as get antibiotics prescribed to help treat this condition.

    3. Eye Infections

    No, you don’t have to make an eye doctor appointment for an eye infection! Eye infections such as pink eye, keratitis, or a stye can all be dealt with at your average walk-in clinic. The faster you get it treated, the quicker you’ll be on your way to happy, healthy eyes again.

    4. Sprains

    Sprains can range from mild to severe. They can be simply annoying or even debilitating, making it difficult to participate in sports, go to work, or even drive. Either way, a walk-in clinic is often the place you’ll want to go for any kind of sprain.

    5. Flus

    The emergency room is a popular place for people dealing with flus to go. In reality, a walk-in clinic is usually the more suitable place to go for this condition. You can get the treatment you need quickly and without putting strain on the ER when other patients there may have more serious concerns.

    6. Urinary Tract Infections

    A UTI can be incredibly uncomfortable, from frequent urination to pain while urinating. The good news is, a walk-in clinic can offer a solution to this horrible infection, such as prescribing antibiotics to help clear it up in no time.

    7. Fractures

    While you may need to go to the hospital or ER for a broken bone, a small fracture can be dealt with in many walk-in clinics. This is especially ideal for accidents involving small children.

    8. Muscle Strain

    Mild muscle strain may go away after a good night’s rest. However, other types of muscle strain can make it difficult to sleep or get through the day. The pain can be severe, or the location of the pain may cause inconvenience. On the bright side, a walk-in clinic can quickly get your muscle strain dealt with.

    9. Ear Infections

    Pain, difficulty hearing, and pressure or fullness inside the ear are common symptoms of ear infections. They can be quite annoying and troublesome, to say the least. Doctors are walk-in clinics, however, treat ear infections quite often.

    10. Diarrhea

    Diarrhea might not seem like a big deal, but it truly is. It can be a general inconvenience, cause abdominal pain, and can even trigger dehydration. Fortunately, walk-in clinics are your place to go for treating this common condition, whether it’s due to an illness or something bad you ate.

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    When dealing with a medical condition or injury, one’s first thought is to go to the hospital or emergency room. In truth, there are a lot of things your average walk-in clinic can do for various conditions. This way, you can save money and time while still getting the quality treatment you require.

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