Know the causes and home remedies for Bruises

    Bruises are caused due to an injury. The injury breaks the blood vessels that are underneath your skin, causing them to bleed. However, the skin isn’t cut open. Thus, the blood accumulates underneath the skin and changes its texture. Bruises are of different types:

    Ecchymosis: Sometimes, certain blood penetrates through the skin and makes it appear purple and flat. This condition of the bruise is called ecchymosis. E.g. black eye.

    Hematoma: When blood gets accumulated in excess forming raised lumps in the skin. This condition of the bruise is called Hematoma.

    During the healing process, hemoglobin present in your blood breaks down and provides different colors and textures to your bruise. When the injury is fresh, the bruise is red. After a few days, it starts to turn black or sometimes blue. Within ten days, it turns into green or sometimes yellow. After ten days, it turns into light brown and then slowly fades away.

    Causes of a Bruise

    • Individuals usually get bruises when they get bumped on something or when anything suddenly bumps into them.
    • Individuals who work out energetically, like weight lifters and athletes, also pose a risk to get bruised. These bruises take place from tiny tears in blood vessels underneath the skin.
    • Bruises are common in senior citizens as their skin grows thinner with age. The nerves that upkeep the first blood vessels have developed more delicate.
    • Bruises are even normal in those taking medication to thin the blood.

    How to treat your bruises?

    Vitamin C aids your body in creating collagen, which are the cells around the blood vessels. It helps in quick healing of bruises. If Vitamin D levels are low, the bruises will deteriorate your collagen, and that might create your injuries very quickly. With vitamin C, you will get healthier skin and will stop bruises mainly from slight bumps.

    Listed below are some of the best natural remedies for bruises, which will surely help to get rid of injuries faster:

    1. Ice Therapy

    Rub a block of ice directly on the wound to decrease blood flow everywhere near the area. Cooling the blood vessels could lessen the quantity of blood that seepages in the nearby tissue. This could stop the inflammation and reduces swelling. You could use a bag of ice, a refillable ice pack, or a bag of frozen veggies wrapped in a towel or napkin. Apply it on the bruise for 15 minutes. Wait for some time before reapplying. You will soon notice the changes.

    2. Heat

    You could even apply heat to increase blood circulation and upsurge blood flow. This would assist in letting the trapped blood to vanish after the bruise has by now formed. Put on the heat on the affected area could even contribute to undoing tense muscles and dismissing the pain. Drenching in a warm bath is an additional option.

    3. Toothpaste to get rid of a bruise

    The toothpaste to cure bruises aids in breaking up the clot and growing blood circulation to the injured area. You would see that there is a lighter bruise mark in just night. This home remedy even helps to lessen the bump. Take a little toothpaste on your fingertip and apply over the bump gently and leave it there for a few minutes. When the area discontinues tingling make use of warm cloth to take out the toothpaste. Toothpaste is the best remedy as it gives good results if it is done immediately.

    4. Apple cider vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar is known to raise blood flow to a wound, thus breaking up blood clots in hurt areas. It is typically mixed with warm water and used as an icepack.

    5. Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera has been confirmed to be a trusted source to lessen any pain and irritation. Apply aloe Vera directly to the affected area. Remember to make use of aloe vera directly from the plant as a pure form of aloe Vera. You can also use it as a cream, but you must read the label cautiously to check for seasonings.

    6. Elastic bandage

    Use an elastic bandage to cover up the bruised area. This type of dressing pressurizes the inner tissue layer, which prevents blood from leaking out of blood vessels.

    7. Parsley leaves

    Before applying an elastic bandage, apply the paste of crushed parsley leaves. These leaves help in curbing pain and inflammation, which leads to the quick fading of your bruise.

    8. Vitamin K

    It helps in clotting the blood that prevents it from flowing to the neighboring tissues. Apply the ointment that has vitamin K

    9. Vitamin C

    Lack of vitamin C also makes you prone to bruises. It strengthens the tissues around the blood vessels. This helps in fighting off the bruises more efficiently. Some fruits that are rich in vitamin C are guavas, acerola cherries, Kakadu plums, thyme, parsley, etc.


    Bruises typically take more than two weeks to disappear. Doctors have no different treatment for injuries other than the natural methods described above. However, keep an eye on your development. Remember that bruises could be the result of a severe fracture or sprain or in that case, you need to call your doctor.

    Henna Lawrence
    Henna Lawrence
    Henna  is a wellness lifestyle writer. She loves sharing her thoughts and personal experiences related to natural remedies, yoga and fitness through her writing. She currently writes for How To Cure. She can connect with others experiencing health concerns and help them through their recovery journeys through natural remedies.

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