Kick Out Cancer!!!

Healthy Meals for a Happy Life

Here is an easy way to remember the foods and can be shared with children for them to understand or simply just remember the names of healthy food.


If you’re looking for antioxidants

Eat the avocado, forget the muffins.

Carrot has beta carotene

So, does spinach and most of the greens.

Broccoli and cabbage contain phytochemical sulforaphane

So, eat them to prevent pain insane.

With millets, chick peas and turnips by your side

You can enhance your benzaldehyde.

Lignans you find in flax, oats and apricots

It functions like cancer’s albatross

Cyclo-oxygenase in turmeric and ginger

Get to the bad cells and cause them danger

A Kiran Zehra Poem