How to scare cancer

    Why wait and look for a solution outside your Mumma’s masala box, when you can kill cancer breeding cells with her special dishes.

    Indian food or what we call ‘ma ke haath ka khana’ can never be underestimated. Not only is it healthy but our mothers who untiringly keep worrying about our health sub-consciously feed us anticancer food all along.  For instance, the turmeric in our sambar or dal, cinnamon in our pies and pulaos, jeera in our sauté for almost all dishes and kesar in our kheer and payasam in our home-made dishes are a safe way to eliminate cancer breeding cells.

    Cancer leaves no finger prints so it is difficult to say that tobacco and alcohol are the only main causes of cancer. Study and research have proved that environmental factors, food and physical inactivity too can cause it. Cancer deaths as a result of poor diet and physical inactivity sums up to 30-35 percent. This is where we at Sree Satkriya Foundation(SSF) under our ‘Sat Jagruti’ initiative are creating awareness on healthy eating and fitness to prevent and fight cancer.

    “This could be just another write up on cancer awareness but we want to do our bit in spreading the word. It is painful and depressing beyond compare to see families of cancer patients do whatever it takes to save their loved ones. From selling their homes to meeting miracle healers and what not… The trauma the patient goes through and the crippling financial stress the family encounters alongside the fear of losing their loved ones is inexpressible,” says Hema Subramanium of SSF. “If you’ve read information already, there is no harm in re-reading it,” she adds.

    The answer in terms of prevention is simple – a healthy diet free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides followed by proper physical activity. While it would be thoroughly difficult to remember terms like antioxidants, indole-3-carbinol, phytochemical sulforaphane, beta carotene, nitrosamines, benzaldehyde, lignans and monoterpenes to help fight/cure cancer, the simple way out is to eat fruits, vegetables and spices rich in their supply.

    Vegetables in particular that speed up the process to kill cancer cells from growing/multiplying are broccoli, spinach, kale, cabbage, ginger, Tapioca, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, carrots, soy, mushrooms, turnips and tomatoes.

    Apricots, pears, cherries, strawberries, grapes, peaches, raspberries, papaya, orange, lemon, amla, and apples are fruits packed with cancer fighting agents.

    The use of turmeric, rosemary, cinnamon, Licorice, saffron, and Ashwagandha too is an added advantage. Green tea too can eliminate cancer cells at the primary stage.

    If your plate contains a balanced score of nutrients all you need to do is get a little sunshine and enhance your vitamin D.

    Ayurveda has been the healing soul of India and it is believed that cure is right in the kitchen, but nothing works overnight. Make food your medicine and let it heal you every day. On this World Cancer Day let us all pledge to eat healthy and fight cancer right from its inception. Let’s begin to eat locally grown and cultured food. Let’s pledge to eat #gharkakhana and thank our mothers for nourishing us every day.

    Kiran Zehra for Sree Satkriya Foundation

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