How to lose fat deposits with liposuction?

    [su_quote cite=”Miranda J. Barrett”]It is not always about what you eat and drink. Rather it can be about what you are not eating and drinking, for which the body is desperately craving![/su_quote]

    Are you close to your ideal body shape and yet worried about those bulges of fat deposits?

    Losing those fat deposits has become a common problem for individuals these days.

    Even after hitting the gym and following a diet plan, there are certain body parts which do not respond to it.

    This has made people go under the knife, hence giving a boost to the cosmetic surgeries.

    Hence, cosmetic surgeries like Rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, abdominoplasty, liposuction, face-lift, body-lift etc have become a common and very popular choice for people to get the desired look.

    Generally, when one is looking for removal of excess fat they consider liposuction as one of their choices to be in the desired shape.

    Liposuction is a removal of the excess localized fats from the different parts of the body

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    The Liposuction Advantage:

    • It helps you in removing the extra fat and it will reshape your body
    • It can treat more than one area of body in one procedure
    • The results are more predictable
    • The anesthesia used are local or general during surgery

    Which all body parts Liposuction can be treated on?

    1). Thighs

    2). Upper arms

    3). Chin, cheeks, and neck

    4). Back

    5). Ankles

    6). Chest area

    7). Knee

    8). Abdomen and buttock

    9). Hips

    What Liposuction cannot do?

    Liposuction cannot help you in losing fat, Liposuction only removes the excess fat and reshapes the body.

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    Who are the candidates for Liposuction?

    • People who are not going through some serious illness like cancer, thyroid, diabetes etc
    • Non-Smokers
    • Individuals who have prepared themselves for a surgery

    Why people undergo Liposuction treatment?

    Following are the reasons why people consider Liposuction as a treatment for losing fat and to reshape their body:

    1). Reconstructive purpose: when people are not confident about their shape and size of their body because of an excess amount of fat deposited.

    2). Fats are not immune to any exercise/diet: Even after following proper diet and exercise people are not able to lose fat. There are some fats cellulitis in the body that is not immune to exercise and diet. This is why people undergo liposuction.

    3). People are very busy: There are many people who are very busy in their life due to their job or business. However, at the same time they want to lose fat and want their body perfect. But, they do not have time to follow exercise schedule and diet. And they feel that diet and exercise is a waste of time when they have an option of losing fat through a minor surgery.

    4). Social Purpose: Nowadays it is not at all uncommon for individuals to go under the knife for their own desire to look perfect.

    5). Accident: people who have faced some minor or major physical accidents take this surgery into consideration to correct their bulges or hanging skin which may have appeared post the accidental surgery.

    How effective is Liposuction?

    Well, the results for liposuction are effective at removing fat deposits in small areas. To avoid weight gain proper diet and exercise are recommended as the fatty bulges removed may appear again in different regions. Doctors may suggest a waiting period for approximately 12 months for effective results. There is generally an improvement in the body contour which is visible after the procedure.

    Recovery period of Liposuction:

    The recovery occurs at a slow pace. You can feel a distinctive change immediately after the surgery but there may be swelling and bruising in the treated area for few months. During the recovery phase, appropriate care should be taken and prescribed medications should be followed. Consult your doctor in case a problem persists.


    Liposuction has become a popular choice in recent times since it provides quick and desired results to individuals. One should consider all the points before and after going for liposuction surgery and follow the advice given by the doctor. Among all the popular destinations for cosmetic surgery, India has proven its ability over years.

    [su_quote cite=”Samael Aun Weor”]The healthy man is the thin man. But you don’t need to go hungry for it: Remove the flours, starches and sugars; that’s all.[/su_quote]

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