Hair Transplantation in Women with an Aesthetic Consultation

    In the old days, it was believed that hair loss in a female can only be sorted out by wearing a wig, but with the advanced technologies and expertise of surgeon now it becomes possible in females also to get rid of female pattern baldness. Hair loss is a major issue for both men and women and must correct with the efficiency measure, in which hair transplant procedure comes on top that must be thought and taken in the application when you are facing the hair loss problems. Whenever the hair transplant is considered for women it should agree prior to treatment on realistic expectations for procedure results. The hair transplant procedure in women should be precise and cleared with the view of offering natural and aesthetic results with the huge density of hairs so that a woman get her natural look back. To look natural with a head full of hair for women is first and foremost priority and the surgeons of hair transplant understand this thing and day by day the need of a procedure is increasing among women too! Although the cure for female pattern baldness is still under the research because the exact cause of women hair loss is not found and with an effect of the genetic factor of disease Androgenic alopecia it comes with a picture to some extent. The symptoms of Androgenic alopecia in females are noticeable with the receding hairline, thin and weaker hair, weaker shaft and short and brittle hair. To look better for women is the topmost and concern and due to this the hair transplant in women come in a picture.

    Hair Transplant in Women

    A woman who is experiencing the hair loss and their related problems, i.e., thinning and weaken the hairs, weaker shaft, brittle hair or the wide partition on the scalp should consult the Doctor/Surgeon because of this the pre-stage of the Androgenic alopecia or other severe results of the hair fall. First of all, your surgeon takes the hair pull test to analyze your hair loss situation, in which a fingerling of hair is gently pulled and the hair that put out are counted. If the number of hairs is above the 100, then you are affected by the hair loss problems. Before going to give you the hair transplant procedure the surgeon does a total diagnosis of your hair anatomy as well as the type of hair loss so that it will be easier for the Doctor to recommend for the appropriate treatment related to your problem.

    An aesthetic Consultation is Needed in case of female pattern of Baldness

    An aesthetic consultation is mandatory in case of assessing the female pattern of baldness to know the exact reason behind her baldness. What women think about her appearance as well as the hair loss issues and if it is an effect Androgenic alopecia that must be analyzed in a proper way to offer the best hair transplant remedy. As far as restoration procedure is concerned the pre- and- post measure is taken to get the best possible outcomes. In the case of female pattern baldness, it is trying to correct it earlier so that the problem won’t become a case of appearance and presence dilemma in a society because it is a serious and a very delicate issue in a case of women.

    What should be consulted and what issues should be considered in an aesthetic consultation for the female pattern of baldnessis as follows:-

    1. What hair style a patient has been using to minimize the effect of thinning on the hairline?
    2. What hair style would the patient hope after the hair transplant procedure?
    3. Would the patient change his future hair style in terms of curl, color, or hair styles?
    4. Would the patient want a high density of hair or they prefer swimming or exercise without worrying about her hair?
    5. If the hair transplant is not an option to sort out the hair loss problems due to scarring of the scalp or underlying diseases, what options for hair restoration can be considered?

    When is Hair Transplantation an Option for a Woman

    Hair transplantation is universally accepted for the hair loss problem for both men and women. In the case of female hair loss and transplantation aspect, it is getting more importance due to the question of one’s appearance and look. The scalp hair is the foremost important aspect to look natural and if appears as the receding hairlines and widening the gap of partition due to Androgenic alopecia or any other reason, then the only option to get back your natural hair is the hair transplant.

    Which Condition is added with the Hair Restoration Correction

    • When it is the case of Androgenic alopecia DHT effect presents in terms of receding hairlines, thinning of hair or weaker the hair shafts
    • When it is found as the previous cosmetic surgery and any incision leaves the scars on the scalp, then hair transplant is needed
    • To abolish the effect of miniaturization that always presents in the form of weaker hair and thin hairlines as well as the wide partition on the scalp
    • When there are scars on the scalp due to accidents, burns or some fungal infections that cause the severe hair loss issues in women then the hair transplant is needed


    On the whole, we can say that the case of getting bald in women is rare. It only presents in the form of severe hair loss, thinning of hair, receding hairlines or widening the gap of partition on the scalp or weaker shaft and brittle hair. The need of correction for female pattern hair loss can be of therapeutic procedures, i.e., PRP or stem cell therapy or some medications viz. Minoxidil or Finasteride, or maybe the Hair restoration procedure ultimately to correct the hair loss problems. Hair transplant is not an immediate in case of hair loss in women. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure associated with some degree of discomfort, although it’s an ultimate option for the hair loss problems that needs some due deliberation.

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