5 Signs That Show You Should Have an Eye Exam

    It is common for you to not think about your vision if you do not wear your glasses or if you have never got your vision corrected. However, it has been noted that individuals do experience some changes in their eyesight over time and it is wise to not overlook them and consult an eye doctor along with getting an eye exam done. Go for a professional eye doctor to help you out. You can try for Eye Care Center in Bergen County as well. Meanwhile, here is a list of a few signs, which will help you determine the need to have an eye exam.

    Change in night vision:

    Most of the adults notice a difficulty in being able to read the road signs that are relevant and see other cars on the road at night. Seeing halos around lights is also a symptom asking you to get a check up done at the earliest.

    Recent diagnosis of health conditions, which affect the eyes:

    Your overall health has an impact on the way your eyes feel or are, this includes your eating habits to your sleeping habits. The functioning of the eyes is dependent on all this. Therefore, if you were recently diagnosed with a thyroid condition, diabetes, high blood pressure or lupus, it could actually affect your eyes. This will in turn increase the need for you to take good care of your eyes and see a doctor when required.

    Release of a particular discharge or eye infection:

    It is a myth that you need to see an optometrist only if you experience a change in your vision. Visiting an optometrist on regular yearly sessions will help him to assess the health of your eyelids and eyes in general. In case, you see an eye infection developing on its own then you must go for an eye exam. Other symptoms can include itchiness, any kind of an unusual discharge or redness. Do not wait for the eye to heal up naturally if an infection is there.

    Migraine or frequent headaches:

    Headaches do not just happen because of stress, inflammation or tension but they could also be a warning sign for you that you vision is changing. If there is an increase in the intensity or frequency of the headaches you experience then you should see an optometrist. If you suffer from migraine, you might experience some vision obstructions during or after it. There could be a severe underlying condition for the same. Therefore, you must get an eye exam done.

    Recurrent eye fatigue:

    If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen reading or in front of any electronic device for that matter, then you might experience eye fatigue. However, if the condition persists for more than three to four days then the eyestrain might be hinting at an eye infection. If your eyes hurt while making specific movements, for example, while looking from left to the right then there is an urgent need to get the eye examination done and consult your doctor regarding the same.

    Hence, these signs must have helped you in becoming aware about when to go for an eye exam.

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