Three Things You Can Do Today For Better Health

    In today’s connected world, there is a lot of information present on fitness, nutrition and health. It’s not a matter of knowing what to do, in fact, consistent effort is often enough to achieve a goal. If knowledge is not the problem then why are so many people still not reaching their fitness goals?

    Could it be that there’s too much information present? I tend to think that is the actual problem. It’s really easy to get confused when it comes to training, nutrition and supplements. So what if the issue isn’t in the knowledge itself but rather, simplifying the knowledge? In my times as a nutrition coach I’ve learned that it’s better to build habits than radically shift someone’s diet or training.

    Let’s say I want someone to eat less sugar. Is it more effective to tell them to completely cut out all sugar starting right now or get them to stop having their sugar loaded coffee in the morning? Of course smaller changes are better since they build habits. I’ve come up with three easy changes that can produce profound impact on anyone’s else in just one day.

    Start taking fish oil

    While there are a variety of good supplements on the market today, omega-3 fish oil stand alone in their ability to impact multiple health biomarkers by themselves. Research shows us that omega-3 fish oil can improve blood sugar, lower blood pressure, improve brain health and decrease cardiovascular disease risk. Even if the individual doesn’t want to take supplements, omega-3 fish oil, by themselves can have a profound impact on ones health. A lot of people are adverse to taking supplements so by having them take fish oil they receive a lot of benefits in just a few pills.

    Start getting better quality sleep

    We live in a society that is on the go all the time. Rather than tell someone to sleep longer, I focus on improving the quality of sleep. Turning down all technology and not staring at tablets or phones at night is the first step to creating a relaxing sleep environment. Not to mention that sleeping in a cool dark room has been shown to increase sleep quality. Better sleep improves hormones, brain health and blood sugar control. Lack of sleep is a big problem in our on the go society and by improving sleep quality, we add a powerful factor into our favor.

    Eat more protein

    Notice how I am still not impacting someone’s carbohydrate intake, rather, I just want them to eat more high quality protein such as chicken, beef or fish. Protein is not only decreases hunger signaling but it also increases fullness so the client will eat less carbohydrates in the meal. I do all of this without touching their calories so it increases their compliance which helps them have more success in the long run. Reducing someone’s calories drastically is an easy way to create resistance. We want to help them see that a diet doesn’t have to be restrictive.

    Jimmy Smith
    Jimmy Smith
    Jimmy Smith is the founder of Physique Formula all natural supplements and a nutrition coach.

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