Title: What are the Best Massage Pressure Points for Your Feet?

    Description: Are you wondering what the best pressure points for foot massaging for diabetics are? If so, read this blog to understand more about these pressure points!

    What are the Best Massage Pressure Points for Your Feet?

    In life, very few things tend to feel better as compared to a good massage. And the best of them all is a foot massage. Throughout the year, ancient practices and medical research suggest that massaging different pressure points can heal varying conditions that affect different body parts.

    Also known as reflexology, this idea stems from ancient China and works on body energy channeling, which is known as ‘chi.’ There are several massage centers that can help you seek the benefits of reflexology of foot massage. However, you can also do it on your own with the help of the best foot massager for diabetics.

    So, here are some massage pressure points for you to keep in mind.

    1-Pituitary Gland:

    If you wish to stimulate the pituitary gland in the body, the key is to apply light to medium pressure on the big toe center section. This particular gland is known to discharge different types of body hormones.

    The hormones released by the pituitary gland help control the body’s metabolism, growth, & sugar content. This directly affects the way your body tackles the diabetic issue and hence helps reduce the side effects of the same. So, remember this pressure point the next time you make use of a foot massager for diabetics.

    2-Pineal Gland:

    Massaging this gland helps control the insulin secretion to regulate your advancing diabetic status. The pineal gland is located right in the top-mid section of the big toe. The prime function of this gland is to regulate melatonin production at night. Melatonin is responsible for controlling insulin secretion, which can help regulate the blood sugar level.

    3-Thyroid Gland:

    The thyroid gland pressure point is located right at the big toe’s base. Its prime function is to produce proper thyroid hormones to help control the body’s metabolism. With the use of the best foot massager for diabetics, you can focus on the stimulation of your thyroid gland via foot reflexology that helps regulate the body weight, cholesterol level, as well as muscle strength.

    4-Thymus Gland:

    Your thymus gland’s pressure point is present at the feet’ ball, which is parallel to the big toe. This gland’s prime function is to control the development and growth of our body’s immune system. Regular foot massage with a foot massager for diabetics can help stimulate the immune system and help your body deal with the diseases that conquer your body when suffering from diabetes.

    5-Adrenal Gland:

    One thing that can be said for sure is that bodyweight in some way, or the other is responsible for the onset of diabetes. You can stimulate this gland by massaging the middle of your foot by aligning it with your big toe.

    The hormones released by your adrenal gland help with the conservation of sodium while enhancing your blood’s glucose level to help you burn the calories faster.

    Can foot massage help with insulin absorption?

    According to a study, it was identified that patients with type II diabetes who made use of electric vibrators or foot massagers for a minimum of 3 minutes post using the insulin injection experienced higher insulin injection levels in the blood with a lower level of serum glucose.

    This is due to the fact that massage helps increase blood circulation throughout the body, and doing so in the feet could surely be an advantage. Foot massager for diabetics can improve conventional insulin therapies’ effectiveness while increasing the overall insulin bioavailability in the body’s postprandial state.

    Does massage normalize the blood glucose level in the body?

    A person suffering from diabetes must opt for the foot as well as body massage every day or maybe every alternate day. As per the latest data, it was learned that massage helps relieve the side effects and symptoms that stem from diabetic neuropathy while normalizing the blood glucose level & increasing insulin sensitivity.

    In case you wish to get a foot massage from a therapist, make sure you inform him/her of your condition. Alternatively, you can also make use of the best foot massager for diabetes to take care of the skin or health conditions that surface due to diabetes.

    However, you should surely consult your physician before opting for any massage therapies or massager, especially if you suffer from vascular disorders, circulatory problems, or uncontrolled sugar levels.

    With the best foot massage for diabetics, you can aid yourself by:

    • Allowing the blood vessels in your foot to dilate & enhance the insulin absorption
    • Lower any spike in the blood sugar
    • Induce relaxation for someone who is normally stressed due to high blood sugar levels


    By focusing on these glands, you can help regulate the progress of your diabetic status. Long-term foot massage helps induce positive effects while helping you lead a healthy lifestyle. However, these massaging techniques aren’t a miracle, and you surely need to take your medications simultaneously, but they do help better your overall lifestyle.

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