Seeking The Right Kind of Treatment After an Accident

    There is an old saying, “Pain in the body is a blessing” because it tells you of the disease in the offing. And when one is able to diagnose the ailment, surely he/she can prescribe the right kind of medication for it.

    Immediate Reaction

    The immediate reaction after any accident is to approach an emergency department for the provision of first aid. Usually this is delivered by the emergency service providers (hospitals or clinics) in the nearby vicinity or the first aid rescue service providers. The time varies for recovery, depending on the type of injury suffered. If the injury is of a minor level, then it might be sufficient to have the first aid provided but if the injuries are serious then further assistance and treatment is required. 

    Recovery from Accident

    Most of the time, after a considerable amount of attention and expenditures one can recover from the injuries. Having said so, it is also very common that you don’t see bruises on the skin but the pain remains in the body and it erupts after a while. Those are the injuries which are the most damaging in life as they can change your living style, postures and habits. 

    Types of Pain

    Pain is considered as an indicator to your nervous system that something is not right in your body. It can be for a shorter period of time or can be constant for a longer period. Pain can be categorized in three forms that include acute pain, chronic (nonmalignant) pain and cancer related pain. It is the body’s way of signaling that there is tissue being damaged within the body. 

    Another way of classifying pain is through gaging the damage being done by the pain. In this regard pain can further be classified in three types. Pain caused by tissue damage is called nociceptive pain and pain caused by nerve damage is called neuropathic pain. The third type is called psychogenic pain that is caused by psychological factors. 

    Pain Management

    Pain management can be defined as any medical treatment that reduces or completely vanishes the sensory discomfort. Its management differs from person to person, as every human being will feel a different level and version of pain. This is due to several other variables such as emotions, surrounding, tolerance ability, etc. 

    While pain-reducing medication is the first thing that comes to mind as a solution, it is often not a long-term or permanent fix of the problem. 

    Therapy, either physical or cognitive behavioral, is also a worthy option since it helps both the mind and body in understanding and dealing with the pain. 

    Notwithstanding the causes of pain, pain management is of utmost importance at all levels, be it at home or at a certified clinic. Over the years, there has been a mushroom growth of pain management clinics but certified and trust worthy ones are a few.

    Marietta Pain Clinic has proven consistently to be a prominent and reliable option in this regard where patients are accorded professional treatment and utmost care. This reputation has been built over a protracted period of time through prompt, accurate and suitable treatment of accident victims. It stands vindicated from the feedback by its patients. In fact, “word of mouth” has made Marietta Pain Clinic a leading clinic in the arena of pain management. Patients hail the innovative solutions provided by the clinic and their continued service up to the entire satisfaction of the patients.

    About Marietta’s Services

    At Marietta Pain Clinic, prime focus is placed on accident injuries, specifically car accidents. The clinic understands the time-sensitivity of the treatment after a crash and believes in quick action. In their treatment, only one percent of patients goes through surgery. Trying to get a patient under the knife is not always the solution to cure any sort of pain. The aim is to aid recovery with minimum intervention. The undeniable accomplishment is watching the victim revert back to normal routine in life. Other patients are treated with the right combinations of medicines and physical therapy. 

    Marietta Pain Clinic is open twenty-four hours and an appointment is not necessary. The doctors range from specialists to therapists and chiropractors. For complete and effective results of recovery, patients who come in through the emergency are always encouraged to further schedule an appointment with a specialist or relevant doctor under Marietta Pain Clinic’s roof. This eliminates any chances of inadequate care or service for the condition. 

    The clinic is catering to patients who have complaints about pain in their spine, shoulders, elbows, ankles, knees, hips, hands, wrists or feet. 

    Facilities Under One Roof

    The clinic offers services of MRIs, X-Rays and CT-Scans as well to get a precise picture of the root cause that is instigating pain. In special cases when those images are not enough, the clinic advances to the use of diagnostic testing; which is again done in-house so the patient’s time and effort is not wasted running around to different locations. The standards set and followed are at par with those at big hospitals. 

    The clinic provides treatment for pain, injuries and conditions (such as headaches, whiplash and torn rotator cuff). The specialty is in treatment of those car accident injuries that damage the bones and muscles. This type of injury significantly impacts your lifestyle. The best techniques adopted at this clinic are to reduce pain and provide you with full recovery to get you back to your normal lifestyle. It is generally a combination of technology and experts that can bring such a positive change drastically. 


    Presence of high standard clinics at various places in a city or town is a huge benefit to the local community. Not only does it help with the overall quality of health in the neighborhood, but it also adds to the trust that the citizens have in their surroundings. Especially since after a mishap or accident, the timing of reaching a medical professional is crucial, a lot also has to do with the ease of access to such help.

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