How to Keep Youthful Glow During and After Menopause

    The skin speaks a lot about what is happening within the body. As a woman grows older, menopause comes in with many effects on the skin appearance. The estrogen reduction levels during and after menopause aggravate the skin conditions associated with aging. With the wrinkles, drying of the skin, dark circles, and the uneven skin texture the young youthful glow look is taken away. Every woman’s dream is to have a perfect skin no matter the age. Menopause is inevitable but keeping your skin glowing through the ages is very possible. Here are some of the ways to keep youthful skin during and after menopause:

    Avoid unhealthy lifestyles

    Some lifestyles can exacerbate the skin conditions resulting from menopause. Smoking and alcohol are unhealthy both for your body and skin. Having a dry skin can be very dull and can get you prone to other skin conditions. Alcohol has a dehydrating effect which can reflect on your skin by causing dryness. With time as the alcohol affects the liver function so is your skin health. Wrinkles take away the skin glow be it on any part. As you smoke, premature wrinkles appear around the mouth as a result of low level of blood flow. Resorting to avoid these bad lifestyle habits will favor your skin by keeping it young and healthy.


    Moisture is the most vital need of the skin. Enough moisture on and in the skin makes it fuller plumper and with a radiant glow. Also, by moisturizing you provide an extra protective layer to your skin from effects such as drying. Your choice of moisturizer should be the one with humectants. Humectants attract moisture to the skin; they are very effective at keeping your skin moisturized. Some soaps and long hot showers can take away moisture from your skin. Consider products which are mild on skin and with moisturizing properties.

    Eat for your skin

    As we work from the outside to keep the glow, taking what is healthy for the skin is very important. Including a healthy diet will keep your skin get glowing all through. Remember what we take is what makes us. Start by making it your habit to be taking plenty of water each day. This keeps your skin hydrated for a perfect skin glow. Build up your skin with fruits, vegetables, omega-3 rich foods, lean proteins and some healthy carbohydrates. All these foods are coupled with essential properties for a good healthy skin.

    Do not forget your sunscreen

    Identifying a safe sunscreen is the best thing you can do for a young look. The harmful rays, UVA and UVB, cause facial wrinkles and sunburns bringing about skin dullness. Wear the sunscreen every morning before going outdoors. This will keep your skin young and protected all through.


    By exercising, you boost up the skin functioning to give you a radiant young look. Through choosing various techniques to work out, they increase activity in the body. This leads to an efficient flow of blood to the skin making it fuller. The improved blood flow also brings in the nutrients and oxygen gas which are needed for a healthy skin. Moreover, increased blood flow helps in cleaning the skin by taking away the free radicals that could otherwise result in skin problems.

    Lose weight the healthy way

    Most techniques for weight loss can get exhausting and boring. Thus, most people prefer quick ways to burn up the fats so fast. This is not only detrimental to your general health but also your skin. Just like a metal expands and contracts dependent on the temperatures so is our skin because of the fat. But the problem here is that when you gain a lot of fat your skin expands, and the facts hold up the skin. Losing weight very fast cause the skin to lack the support of the fat. This cause the skin to look sagged and is worsened by the fact that as we age the skin doesn’t recover easily from slacking. The important remedy is to lose weight in a moderate and healthy way which goes at the same pace with your skin functioning.

    Consider skin treatments

    This is the period where you skin needs all the menopause treatments by your side. Consider the various skin treatments for specific skin interests. Products with vitamin C serve to give your skin a good luster and also take away the darkening spots. Products with retinol do help to hasten skin rejuvenation taking away the uneven skin tone, fixed lines, and the wrinkles. This leaves your skin young and with a radiant glow.


    Above all what is most crucial is living a healthy lifestyle. This will by no means fail your skin. You will still have the youthful glow even when you are around 60 years if you only take good care of your skin from an early age. 

    Adonia Dennis
    Adonia Dennis
    Adonia Dennis, by profession a Health, Beauty and Skin Care adviser. She provides solutions related to beauty and skin care problems. She is a passionate blogger who loves to provide health information and share her views on healthy diet and fitness.

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