The age-old science of Yoga and its effectiveness in increasing rate of pregnancy

    Being a mother is the greatest blessing for every woman. Infertility, on the other hand, is a very common issue that females suffer from. Infertility may or may not have relation with women themselves.

    There is not any definite reason or reasons to infertility among men or women; still, there are some factors which are presumed to affect fertility. One such factor is the weight of a woman which necessarily does not have a direct bearing on women’s pregnancy but it may have its role in affecting pregnancy. A woman who has got the right weight has more chances of getting pregnant as compared to the one who has an inadequate body. Right weight does not signify maintaining the perfect body or shape here. It just means that one should not be overweight or under-weight.

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    How to measure weight?

    There are different parameters on which ideal weight is based or measured on. These are age, height, body mass, body mass index (BMI). The one that is used generally for discovering ideal weight is BMI. BMI has its own implications with its pros and cons, still, it is used for finding the right weight. BMI is calculated by diving the weight of body by height. No two people have the same ideal weights. The ideal weight varies from person to person and it is totally individual based.

    What relation does being overweight has on getting pregnant

    The body of a woman naturally produces female hormones knows as estrogens. The women who are obese or overweight have more production of estrogen in their body than the required quantity. This is because fat cells release estrogen too. The presence of excessive estrogen in the body negatively affects the process of ovulation thus hampering pregnancy.

    What relation does being underweight has on getting pregnant?

    When a female is underweight, her menstrual is affected adversely. Her menstruation is irregular. This happens because an underweight woman lacks the presence of a sufficient amount of estrogen in her body. Due to irregular menstrual cycle and an insufficient supply of estrogen, getting pregnant becomes difficult.

    What can Yoga do to correct it?

    Yoga is an Indian form of exercise where there are many breathing exercises, body sitting procedures as well as physical workouts that help to keep the body in shape. It also assists in maintaining the fitness of body and keeping the right weight. Let us see how:

    1. Proper circulation of blood

    By engaging in yoga, the supply of blood in the body becomes adequate which aids in maintaining adequate amount and flow of blood throughout the body. This, in turn, improves the possibility of getting pregnant as a woman needs to have the right amount of hemoglobin in her body for getting pregnant.

    2. Shedding extra kilos

    Shedding extra kilos is also quite easy with yoga. There are many simple aasans or positions in yoga that along with improving the flexibility of body and work wonders for reducing weight. Not all yoga positions are difficult to do. Some are very simple yet very effective in reducing extra weight. The effects of yoga start appearing faster if done properly. With reduced weight, the chances of getting pregnant are improved.

    3. Gaining additional ounces

    Not only does yoga help to reduce weight but it can help a skinny woman to put on weight too. Yoga maintains the fitness of body with improved blood circulation and proper functioning of all the body function. It also increases appetite and consuming more balanced diet helps a woman to gain weight fast. With increased weight, there is a proper formation of estrogen in body and the menstrual cycle is back on right track too. By achieving the right weight, menstrual cycle, and estrogen level; there is an increased possibility of getting pregnant.

    4. Removal of toxins

    There are many toxins that become a part of body unknowingly. They can reduce the fertility of the body although a woman may possess right weight. With practicing yoga, the toxins leave the body in the form of sweat as well as the increased supply of blood improves platelets blood count which fights with toxins showing them the way out of the body. This, in turn, enhances the rate of fertility of a woman.

    Thus, infertility is not necessarily a disorder a woman can be suffering from. There can be certain factors within a woman’s body that are reducing her chances of getting pregnant. By including Yoga in her daily routine, a woman can overcome all such factors that may be preventing her from becoming a mother.

    Salena Martine
    Salena Martine
    Salena Martine is best known for her exceptional training for writer. In her “spare” time, Salena’s also the brains behind writing viral Health articles and a Zen Master, a mother, and a 5th Degree Black Belt.

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