How to clean your fabric sofa naturally?

    The furniture enhances the beauty of every home. Every home is occupied with various items of furniture. Some of these are for basic usage while others are just to add to the beauty of the home. The major items of furniture found in almost every home are beds, tables, sofas, dining tables, study tables, wardrobes etc. Al these serve own meaningful purpose. Every home needs cleaning and the items of furniture require their special attention and care for maintaining their longevity and beauty. They need to be cleaned, painted, polished, and protected from insects to keep them looking attractive besides increasing the overall look of the place where they are kept. One special thing that needs special attention is Sofas. Sofas are the place where everyone comes and take a seat after a long hectic day at work or school. They are used to relax and enjoy the favorite serials while munching something.

    Why clean sofa?

    Couch cleaning is required because, with the continuous usage of the sofa, it gets dirty and attracts various germs from the human and animal body. The hair of both the humans and their pets fall on the sofa and take place on the inside without prior notice. Additionally, while we are enjoying our favorite snacks, a part or small portions of it get spilled over it. Sometimes, kids or pets may pee over the sofa. The cold drink or coffee or any beverage that we are consuming may also spill over the sofa. Not to forget, the dust particles from outside are always sticking to the sofas. Thus, their cleaning becomes very important.

    How often do I need to clean my sofa?

    It is a very personal choice. Some clean their sofas on a very regular basis while some clean their sofas occasionally. The frequency of cleaning of the sofa depends on its usage. If the sofas are used a lot in a home, they need to be cleaned frequently. However, if their usage is not much they can be cleaned as and when time allows or when they start appearing dirty.

    How do I clean my fabric sofa naturally?

    The sofas are made of various materials. They are made up of leather, velvet, cotton fabric, jute fabric etc. Every type of fabric or material demands its own type of cleaning. There are various chemicals available in the market for easy cleaning of the sofa and there are also many sofa cleaning services that have professional cleaners for cleaning the sofa. But, the chemical products whether used on own or by professionals are not safe and toxic. They can be extremely hazardous for kids. Thus, cleaning the fabric sofa naturally is the best alternative. All the required items are easily available in the kitchen for cleaning the sofa.

    First thing before starting the cleaning process is to see the instructions on the sofa. They can come along with any of the following four:

    W: it stands for cleaning with water

    S: it implies usage of a solvent-based cleaner only on fabric

    SW: water can be used and solvent-based cleaner can be used

    X: this means the fabric can be cleaned only with the usage of a vacuum cleaner.

    How to clean?

    1. Preparing the couch for clean up: the first and the foremost thing is to do preparation for cleaning of the couch. For this, a white towel o cloth or a hard brush can be used to ward off the small particles that become a part of the corners of the couch. With this, the filth struck in the couches can be removed and they can be cleaned further. It is advisable to not to use any colored cloth or sponge for this purpose as they may lose color and spoil the color of sofa fabric.
    2. Intensive cleaning: now comes the natural cleaning process. The most suitable and natural cleaning substance found in every home’s kitchen is baking soda. Baking soda is very effective in deep cleaning of sofa fabric. The baking soda is sprinkled over the entire couch covering it. After that, let it rest on the sofa for a minimum of 20 minutes to a maximum of 60 minutes depending on its condition. After the baking soda has done its cleaning procedure, the next step is to clean the entire baking soda with a vacuum cleaner that has a brush attachment on it.

    Sofa cleaning process naturally is very simple and effective in cleaning the sofas without bringing any harm to the people of home.

    Salena Martine
    Salena Martine
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