What You Need to Know About Your Rights in an Uber

    Accidents in ride shares happen every day. To stay protected from physical or emotional harm, it is important to know your rights as an Uber rider. According to Uber’s Community Guidelines, all drivers and customers are supposed to treat everyone with respect, keep one another safe, and follow the law.


    Uber’s “respect” tenet in their Community Guidelines is an umbrella that includes harmful physical contact, sexual assault, threatening behavior, unwanted contact, and discrimination.

    Physical Contact

    Uber drivers are not allowed to touch you in a harmful way. For example, drivers are not allowed to hit you.

    Sexual Harassment

    One way Uber drivers create a respectful environment is by not sexually harassing their riders. Sexual harassment and assault includes flirting like sexual nudges, whistles, and winks, as well as explicit language or making jokes about sex. Drivers should not comment on appearance, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Drivers also should not have sex or sexual contact with their customers.

    Rude Behavior

    According to policy, drivers are not to exhibit aggressive, confrontational, or harassing behavior. Drivers should not use disrespectful language or gestures.


    Uber drivers are not allowed to discriminate based on:

    • Age
    • Color
    • Disability
    • Gender identity
    • Sex
    • Marital status
    • National origin
    • Race
    • Religion
    • Sexual orientation


    Uber’s “Safety” tenet of their community guidelines include rules a driver must follow, such as providing accurate information, safety measures, driving a well-maintained vehicle, driving safely, and following state laws regarding recording. If you are in an accident due to an unsafe Uber driver, it may be beneficial to contact a Rochester rideshare accident lawyer. Currently, Uber has additional safety policies for preventing the spread of COVID-19.


    Both drivers and riders are required to wear a mask during the duration of the ride. Should your driver arrive without a mask on, you have the right to ask them to put one on. If the driver refuses to wear a mask, you have the right to cancel the ride. Typically, you would be charged a cancellation fee. However, Uber policy states that the cancellation fee will be waived for this reason. You should not be charged if a driver refuses to wear a mask.

    Riders also have the right to a sanitized ride. Uber has teamed up with Clorox wipes for this reason. However, there is a catch. Riders have to sanitize for themselves. Drivers do not have to sanitize the backseat if they do not want to. Fortunately, all Uber drivers have to provide their riders with enough Clorox wipes to sanitize.

    Correct Information

    When requesting a ride, you have the right to receive the correct information about the vehicle picking you up, including the make, model, and license plate number. You should also be provided a name and profile picture of the driver.


    Every ride should have the correct number of seatbelts for each passenger. Customers can request a car with enough seats and seatbelts.


    Uber drivers are allowed to use video cameras in their cars, such as dash cams. Depending on the state in which you receive a ride, the driver may have to disclose that they are recording you before accepting the ride. According to New York state law, private conversations are not to be recorded without the consent of at least one party member. Video for surveillance is legal as long as notice is provided. Rochester drivers are allowed to install dash cams, as long as they are not installed on the windshield.

    Alert Drivers

    Uber’s Community Guidelines say that drivers need to keep their eyes on the road and suggest being well-rested to aid in alertness. Drivers are allowed to report unsafe driving behavior.

    Car Maintenance

    Drivers need to keep their vehicles well maintained to operate safely.

    Following the Law

    Drivers are expected to follow local laws when on the clock. Committing crimes or violating laws are not acceptable under Uber. According to policy, drivers…

    • Need to have valid driver’s license, insurance, and vehicle registration
    • Are not allowed to stop in bike lanes or block accessibility ramps
    • Are not allowed to refuse a ride because of a service animal
    • Cannot drive while under the influence
    • Cannot carry firearms

    Should any of the above occur during your Uber ride, you can report the incident directly to Uber via website or app. However, Uber is known to not adequately handle misconduct. It would be wise to seek additional support from a lawyer.

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