5 Effective Flirting Techniques For Women

    Flirting is fun. By definition, it is a fun way to bring excitement and sexual tension into conversations. People flirt every day, some naturally, while others struggle to find the words and the gestures. Flirting doesn’t have to be a struggle – you only need to know a few flirty compliments and gestures, and you are good. Here are a few effective ways women can flirt with men.

    1.   Dress Girly

    While you are out flirting, you do not want uncalled-for attention. Instead, you want to attract the right man and keep all their attention on you. As such, your dressing doesn’t have to be revealing, but it sure should catch the eye of the man you want to flirt with. It should be something that brings out your confidence and at the same time shows you as a single woman.

    Choose modest dresses that accentuate features that make you sexy. Your clothing should complement your overall features, and you can add a few accessories to look even greater. Do not go overboard with your dressing and accessories as you might end up feeling uncomfortable.

    2.   Make Eye Contact and Bat Your Eyelids

    This is one of the oldest flirting techniques in the book. Once you dress the part, assume a sexy gait or sitting posture, then you need to make eye contact. They say eyes are the window to a person’s soul. So it is a great way to connect with a potential romantic partner. Guys will be drawn to the eyes, and you can use that to ignite their interest in you. Make eye contact, not for long, and then bat your eyelids. This allows the guy to see the flirty side of you. After that, you can continue with what you were doing and see if they make a move. Guys love it when you show direct interest in them. It is a good way to make them feel masculine.

    3.   Compliment Him

    Everyone loves a good compliment. It is ingrained in our psychology. Men love someone who strokes their egos, and when you compliment them from time to time, it makes them feel good. However, your compliment shouldn’t feel superficial or rehearsed. Again, you do not want to compliment them after every few minutes as that will feel unnatural.

    Find a sincere and thoughtful way to compliment them during normal conversations. For instance, when talking about their job, find a way to compliment their skills. Do not turn the conversation around you, but keep the focus on them to make them feel that you understand their situation.

    4.   Touch Them Casually

    While this is another old trick in the book, doing it too often can be misconstrued as being desperate for attention. Again, it only works for guys you meet every day and you have a fond friendship. While in a conversation, lightly touch the forearm or shoulders of the guy.

    Make it subtle, casual, and very brief. Do not repeat that during the conversation – you can do it on another day or wait for a few more days before you do it again.

    The trick here is to make the guy think about you without coming out as desperate. The touch can extend to a warmer and tighter hug with time but still remain a mystery to keep their mind occupied with you.

    5.   Have Fun When Around Him

    No one likes an uptight and stiff person – even the uptight and stiff people. The best way to flirt is to relax and have fun when you are around the guy to make the bonding moments fun.

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    Laugh and smile, make a few jokes, and tease him. Do not overdo it as they will think you are making fun of them. The idea is for the two of you to enjoy the conversation. Later on, he will look back at the conversation and assess how it made him feel and that will be the first step in your flirting. You need to let go of your troubles and let the conversation naturally flow.

    Final Thoughts

    There is no single technique that is better than all the others. As a woman, you have to be observant and know what the guy loves. Some guys love deep conversations about life while others love casual conversations. Some would be okay with tight hugs while others just need you to tease them. Try out a few techniques without overdoing any of them and see what works.

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