6 Creative Gift Ideas for the Working Dad

    With the holidays so soon, it can be overwhelming to think about what to buy for everyone in your life. It may seem like your dad, for instance, has everything he needs for work and home. In these moments, however, it is essential to get creative! Consider the list below for six innovative gift ideas for the working dad in your life.

    1. Stationery

    When considering this idea, you may initially think about feminine journals or greeting cards. For your dad, however, you can order personalized stationery for men that he can use at work. If your father owns a business, for instance, he can utilize these documents that contain his letterhead or logo. Personalized stationery can help him stand out from his competitors and make him feel special. It is a great way to give your dad a more professional look to new customers and business partners that he wants to reach out to.

    2. Leather Briefcase

    If your dad is a businessman, he deserves a briefcase or work bag that is high-quality and will last him for years to come. Consider a leather case that is durable enough to withstand any weather conditions and any stress. Look for one with a comfortable shoulder strap so that your dad can feel confident bringing it with him to meetings or other places outside of the office. A leather briefcase with brass hardware will help to accentuate the look of it so that other guys at work will ask where he got it.

    3. Smart Speaker

    If your dad has his office to himself or works from home, a smart speaker can prove to be beneficial. He can set reminders on it, create alarms to know when to take a break, and even perform research for any job-related task. If it helps him to focus, your dad can listen to music or podcasts just by giving the speaker a voice command. These pieces of technology even connect to other devices in the office or at home, including computers and televisions, to quickly turn them on or open an app or document.

    4. Portable Phone Chargers

    For a man that is always on the go, your dad likely uses his smartphone all the time. He has to answer calls, respond to texts, use the GPS, and look up necessary information right from the device in his hand. Performing these tasks can quickly drain the battery of the smartphone, not lasting throughout the entire workday. To ensure your dad always has power, consider a portable charger as a gift. You can even find those that come with sanitation technology which is more important than ever during the pandemic.

    5. Shave Kit

    Since your dad is a working man, he likely has to look professional every day on the job. To ensure he always has a clean stature and a crisp look, consider getting him a shaving kit that he can use throughout the week. Many men only get what they can find at an inexpensive price, not knowing the benefits that the many different tools can provide to them. Consider a kit that comes with premium shaving cream, beard oil, and skincare products. Make sure the razor is high-quality as well to reduce the effects of skin irritation.

    6. Wrinkle-Free Shirts

    Your dad likely gets tired of spending every morning ironing his button-down shirts and pants before he leaves for work. To take away some of the stress of the workweek, consider buying your father some wrinkle-free tops that he can use for work. All he has to do is put on the shirt in the morning and button it up, wearing it tucked or untucked depending on his preferences. If his workplace is business casual, he can even roll up the sleeves without the risk of wrinkling them for later appearances.

    Final Thoughts

    It can be stressful to think of gift ideas for anyone in your life, no matter the holiday. For a working father, consider a gift that is practical and creative. Think of products that your dad may not know of, such as personalized stationery and wrinkle-free shirts. These are sure to make this man in your life feel more professional and as if you care about him.

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