5 Tips to Finding your Signature Scent

    You know the experience. While sitting somewhere, suddenly you get a whiff of a scent you recognize. Suddenly, you’re transported back in time to a place. It feels familiar, and you even might think of a person. You just recognized a signature scent.

    1. The Science of Scent

    That experience you had is actually based on science. It all begins with body chemistry. That plays a part in this dance of the scents as well. Your sense of smell uses memory receptors, which connect to emotions. The olfactory gland is what controls those aspects of your brain. The limbic system controls that. That’s why the senses are so involved. You feel the way you do because of the brain’s reaction to the scent. Everyone is different, too. If you’ve ever been somewhere and caught a scent that you didn’t like, you’ll know. If you want to make a good first impression, then read on.

    2. Some History

    In Ancient Egypt, it was part of ceremonial traditions. Essential oils were actually created from flowers, plants, and other elements to create something they viewed as sacred. The only people who could afford such luxuries were those who had the money to afford them. Over time, those scents became affiliated with a position superior to others. It was a time when people didn’t smell nice on the streets. The wealthy always had these essential oils around them as a scent of distinction. Not only that, but some essential oils actually act as anti-viral agents, granting those that had it, access to better health. The fragrance was born from that. Paris historically created some of the most expensive perfumes in the world. They took it to a level of distinction.

    3. Finding The Right One

    The best place to start is to check out places that offer perfume samples and decants. It’s a scent that defines your emotion and view of life. If you’re serious, the light florals won’t work well. It’s important to ask questions about various choices. Here are some things to consider.

    • Don’t follow trends to be in with everyone else.

    • Select more than one to vary the scents with the season.

    • Know the difference between scent versus its fragrance.

    Pick one that matches what you represent. That will take trying various scents. When you try one, and it’s too strong, simply try the next. There are so many options for perfume. Here are some details you might not know about.

    4. Look for the Notes

    There is always a top note which appears the first time you catch a whiff. They aren’t lasting, and it leads to a deeper scent. That’s where the middle note appears. This is typically a deeper, more pervasive smell. It lasts after a person leaves the place. Finally, the base note lasts the longest. That’s the one that remains long after a person leaves. Make sure it’s one that others can tolerate well if you want to make a good impression. Some notes will attract you more than others based on your personality. Remember that as you make your selection. If you want something really bold, because you like it, save that for the right occasions.

    5. Testing

    When you test the scent, place it on a piece of paper. Most stores offer those. It prevents mixing the scent with your own scent. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to smell how others perceive the scent. It’s best to try only three at a time. When you try more than that, you’ll end up with something that mixes too much for you to tell one from the other. When you get the perfume home, it won’t smell as you’d expect it. Normally, after you try it on the skin, it will have a different smell than the strip of paper. If it doesn’t hit right, then you can try something else. That’s why you need samples.

    Once you find your signature scents, you’ll make a statement everywhere you go. When you dress up for an event, apply your perfume, you’ll feel truly ready to have a special time. It changes the whole feeling of the experience. It’s how you make a good impression, so ensure it leaves a scent that represents who you are.

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