A Tell All Guide about Boxing Gloves Types

    When it comes to boxing gloves, you need to decode the gloves brands’ incessant marketing jargon and break it to narrow down your options that suit your requirements. 

    At Infinitude Fight, our experts have narrowed down the boxing gloves types and uses to help you make an informed decision.

    If you have been training for some time or are about to start, without a doubt, you must have noticed that there are various types of boxing gloves – and none are the same. In the boxing gloves world, there is more variation than one would ever expect, and every kind of the gloves have their unique uses. 

    This article will give you a quick overview of the most styles and types of boxing gloves that are prevalent – continue below to buy boxing gloves of your dreams.

    Boxing Gloves – Training/Bag Gloves

    More often than not, boxing gloves are advertised as training gloves or bag gloves* by the brands. These gloves are basically your typical everyday all-rounder boxing gloves

    These gloves are made for pad or bag work, yet they are amazingly versatile and can be used in any type of training. 

    For the most part of your boxing/training regime, you will primarily be using a pair of these gloves. Remember that not all general purpose gloves are marketed as training gloves and are often referred simply to as boxing gloves.

    *Point to remember, traditional style bag gloves and modern bag gloves – sometimes called ‘super’ bag gloves- are not the same and are different in some manners. However, we advise you to stay away from traditional bag gloves, as they lack the proper support and shielding factor prevalent in modern boxing gloves

    Sparring Gloves

    When it comes to sparring, the aim of sparring gloves is to ensure the safety of both yourself and your sparring partner, and the goal is not to knock them out. Ideally, you can use any type of boxing gloves for sparring, granted they are of acceptable weight. 

    It’s worth mentioning that some brands still sell specific sparring gloves which are designed for increased activity. 

    Sparring gloves are much similar to training gloves, but their padding is a bit softer and more cushioned with well optimized distribution – making the impacts less sharp and piercing. 

    Sparring gloves are manufactured and sold in a variety of weights, it is advised that you buy boxing gloves for sparring that are at least 14 oz or above – adjust the glove size considering your body weight.

    Buy Boxing Gloves

    For sparring gloves – it should always be the decision of the coach whether or not you are able to wear a pair of gloves during sparring. The advice of your coach is highly important here, considering his life experience. 

    Your coach knows more than you do; if they think that your gloves are the wrong type, weight, unsafe, or are just generally unsuitable, then take their word for it. 

    It is always a good practice to check in with your gym and see what weight of the glove they suggest you use in sparring. Also, it is advisable that you buy boxing gloves from a reputable brand. 

    Boxing gloves make the only shield between your fragile hand and the impact force, so boxing gloves price are worth every penny.

    Most of your decision process to buy boxing gloves comes down to common sense. If you are a big and heavy person trying to pass off with a second hand 14 oz gloves that come from a shady looking brand, well – then you should know better. 


    Boxing gloves, training/bag gloves, and sparring gloves are each different from each other and serve many different roles in their use. While in some cases, these gloves can be interchanged. However, it is advised to have a separate pair for each activity. 

    Not only will this increase the life of your gloves but also afford you better protection and game. 

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