Dirndl Trends and Traditions of 2021

    Dirndl is for a solid yet breezy fashion statement, and a Dirndl is perfect for every woman. Whether you need an everyday Dirndl, a modern Dirndl, or a modest Dirndl, Dirndl dresses in 2021 have seen a boost that has transformed the traditional Dirndl look. At Lederhosen Store, we have created pieces that enjoy the fashion independence of 2021 and the reins of a traditional Bavarian Dirndl – a marriage of tradition and modernity, if you may. 

    What is a Dirndl? 

    A Dirndl is a traditional Alpine trachten clothing item that predates Oktoberfest by centuries. Yes, the Dirndl dress existed even before Oktoberfest was a thing. No one actually knows how and when the Dirndl dress was invented. 

    The Dirndl dress became a Dirndl costume for Oktoberfest when the citizens of Munich attended the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig in 1810, clad in their everyday Dirndl and Lederhosen. The wedding celebrations became the low-key first Oktoberfest, and the rest is history. 

    The long history of a Dirndl dress has made it adaptive to many a trend of both past and the present. 

    Dirndl Styles 

    Dirndls are the perfect costume choice for tasteful Oktoberfest girls. Wearing a modern Dirndl dress at Oktoberfest, you will surely turn many heads and receive a flirty whistle or two 😉. The range of Dirndl costume of 2021 at the Lederhosen Store have shed the common misconception of Dirndls being boring – they are anything but. Still, what is a modern Dirndl, and how can it be styled exactly?

    Modern Dirndl

    The Modern dirndls are a perfect choice for modish Oktoberfest fanatics. Wearing such a traditional dress, you’ll be the head-turner of any event. Contrary to the public opinion, dirndls are anything else but boring. They are created following current and seasonal trends—that way, the look of a dirndl depends on the cuts, fabrics, and materials used.  Yet what is a modern dirndl and how can trachten fashion be styled?

    Tradition and Modern Dirndls

    Modern Dirndl costumes of the year 2021 follow tunes of back to the roots – such is the case with Dirndl cuts, styles, and colors. Loud and bold color Dirndls are almost too hard to find these days; the same is the case with richly embellished Dirndl dresses. What’s hip these days, then? 

    The hip modern Dirndls follow trends; first, a Dirndl costume color should be sober and use the traditional colors like green, red or blue. However, you will also see some pastels and nude shades into Dirndl creations this year – courtesy of the Dirndl designers at Lederhosen Store.

    Dirndl Cuts and Ornaments

    Dirndl cuts and ornaments at Lederhosen Store are designed confirming to tasteful and antique style Dirndl dress. The midi Dirndl skirt is the benchmark for many modern Dirndl models. A midi reaches around the wearer’s knees, and this makes it feminine and chic. It is high time to bid a farewell to overpowering glitz and glam – the simple and delicate designs are perfect for a stylish woman. 

    Dirndl for Sale

    Designers at Lederhosen Store have created bespoke Dirndl pieces that follow current up-to-the-minute and seasonal trends. This is a look of a Dirndl depends on the materials, styles, cuts, and fabrics used. The Dirndl dresses at our online shop are unique and infuse tradition and modernity in a perfect marriage of colors, styles, and fabric. 

    Enjoy our amazing Dirndl Sale today and please refer to our Dirndl size charts for a perfect fit and enjoy hundreds of years of tradition and innovation on your skin. 

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