India the powerhouse of Handicrafts

Indian Handicrafts - A perfect glimpse of traditional, ethnic designs and sheer work

India is renowned for its grand tradition & culture, vast diversity, authentic food and rich art. Also, it is the home of the craftsman whom work is recognised worldwide for sculpting marvellous handicrafts. Handicraft is an inherent part of India. The Indian Handicrafts have earned lots of applause in domestic as well as international market. The unique design, beauty and patterns of Indian Handicraft have spellbound the millions.

The Legacy of Indian Handicrafts

Indian Handicrafts are the reflection of country rich legacy and tradition. The centuries-old techniques and craftsmanship are employed while making a new handicraft. Every handicraft is designed with hands that’s why each artistry is itself unique and beautiful. It has said, that Indian Handicraft is derived from the oldest civilisation of the world. The ethnic diversity of the colourful land has enabled a variety of motifs, crafts and techniques to flourish.

Indian Handicraft has gained immense popularity around the world and is also famous as the ideal gifts for special occasions. Indian Handicraft holds a unique charm which made them praise for a lifetime.

What makes Indian Handicraft popular worldwide?

Skills, innovation and creativity are the three key factors on which a handicraft depends. Indeed, craftsmanship is a skilful piece of an artisan that designed with artistic excellence that brought beauty to our home decor. Today, every second thing we look at is handcrafted such as jewellery, clothes, cutlery, God idols, sculptures, bags and so on. And the material used to craft them are jute, terracotta, wood and coconut etc. With using special tools an artisan craft something unique with these materials.

Indian States with upholding beauty

Carvings handicraft

Embroidered clothes, designer lamps, wooden handicrafts, exquisite status etc. have attracted many tourists to the vibrant art and craft of India. Every Indian state be it a Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Nagaland, Orissa, Gujarat etc. has an individual style of handicrafts and due to their personal appearance and charm, the crafts of these regions are very popular and above the excellence.

Indian artisans come up with new designs and techniques every single day, be it a clock, vases, pen holder, a jeweler box or a home decorative article, the craftsman fascinates the tourist as well as the locals with their magical power of crafting a single handicraft.

Most of the people don’t know, that finest pieces of the Indian Handicrafts are made by the rural people and they are the real one behind every marvelous piece of handicraft who in imported/exported worldwide.

Type of Indian Handicrafts:

There are so many of Indian Handicrafts you can purchase, from the small wood items to large wood shelf the options are countless. Whether you are an ethnic jewellery, textile or a wood lover, India presents you with some of the finest and incredible pieces of every type of handicraft. No country in the world has such high concentration of crafts as India has.

If it comes to the wooden handicrafts, then no one can beat the authenticity of Rajasthan, the craftsman of the state create the most beautiful wood handicrafts that is exported worldwide and produced good sales. Few of the great crafts made of wood are – pen stand, cutlery, jewellery boxes, mirror frames, holder box and much more.

India the powerhouse of Handicrafts 4

Simple materials like bamboo, cane, wood, clay, and other various materials have been transformed into the finest pieces of handicrafts which gifted worldwide. Few of the worldwide famous Indian Handicrafts are Kashmiri Shawl of Jammu & Kashmir, Coconut shells of Tamilnadu, wooden handicrafts of Rajasthan, brassware of Uttar Pradesh, cotton of Madhya Pradesh, blue pottery of Jaipur, German-silver jewellery Rajasthan, Rock handicraft of Nagpur, Jute Handicrafts of West Bengal & Assam, Dhokra Handicraft of Madhya Pradesh & Bihar, Clay Handicrafts of Lucknow, Pune & Himachal Pradesh, Brass Handicrafts of Uttar Preadesh, Bamboo Handicrafts of Tripura and the list goes on.

The elegance and the beauty of Indian Handicraft have created a niche among the hearts of people which made them the wondrous gifted item.

Indian Government steps to popularize the crafts of India

Moreover, every year the Indian Government organize art and craft trade fair to generate awareness among the people about Indian Handicraft. Also, arrange workshops which can be by everyone.

Indian Handicraft usually carries a touch of elegance and luxury. Despite many social changes and demonetization, the Indian Handicrafts able to continue to occupy their fundamental position in homes.

India the powerhouse of Handicrafts 7
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