10 Desserts that you can’t help but drool over!!

    It is rightly said that “There’s no love sincere than the love for desserts” and we could not agree more. It is simply impossible to resist them even if you want to. The way a luscious cake or smell of a baking brownie entices is unmatched. There are two types of people those who can’t live with them and those who can’t live without them (My family and I are definitely the latter one). Desserts have that power to attract the not so sweet tooth.

    Usually, I order cake online for my instant dessert cravings However, here I have a list of some desserts that you would not be able to resist and also you must not miss. So, let’s take a dig into the list.


    Is it even technically possible to say NO to a densely whipped creamed fresh cheesecake? This delicacy perfectly knows to balance taste and health. Well, the best part is yet to come. Cheesecake brings you a wide variety of flavors. From berry cheesecake to classic cheesecake, you get to choose from a dream list of cheesecakes.


    This is a popular traditional French dessert dish. Also, it is known by the name, ‘Vanilla Slice.’ Basically, this dessert is consists of three layers puff pastry, jam, and whipped cream. Altogether making this dessert an unconflicted lip-smacking and delectable one.


    Did you know that in the USA, on every 5th December, National Sachertorte Day is celebrated every year? No, right? Sachertorte is a Viennese culinary which was invented back in 1832. This dense chocolate cake is then clubbed with apricot jam and later plated up with whipped cream. I really don’t know about you, but I am completely drooling over it already.


    Are you aware of the unconventional discovery of the recipe of Brownies? If not, so here it goes. It is believed that in the year 1897, an American baker forgot to add the ingredient, yeast, in his biscuits recipe. Is it not that difficult to guess the result of this mistake? Yes, that’s how mouth-watering brownies were invented. The ice-cream with hot brownies works as the double incentive.

    Dragon Beard Candy

    Well, this dish is as interesting as it bears the name. It is usually referred to as the art of Chinese cuisine. Sugar is used to prepare the white-colored cocoon-like covering over it. The sesame seeds, peanut, and coconut are shielded by maltose syrup. This traditional candy comes with a threaded chewy texture.


    This delicacy is as soul pleasing as the moon itself is. The amusing fact is that in China, there is a festival name Mooncake festival is celebrated every year. Also, this festival holds utmost importance since it is the 2nd most celebrated festival in China after Chinese New Year. The festival is celebrated for full moon where families gather together with Moon cakes filled with red bean paste. For all the cakes lover, I would definitely recommend you this delicacy. Order cake online and enjoy this lovely dessert.


    Well, this luscious dessert is no new for us. It is a heavenly combination of ice-cream accompanied with nuts and fruits purees. This Italian ice-cream is different from the usual ice-cream because it contains less air and more flavor.

    Austrian Apple Strudel

    Did you know that Austrian Apple strudel is prepared with such a fine pastry that one can even read a newspaper through it? Cinnamon, raisins, sugar, and chopped apples are the prime ingredients of these thin layers. When served hot with ice-cream or whipped cream, proves out to be irresistible dessert.

    German Black Forest Cake

    Let see if you know the inventor of the famous delicacy German black forest cake. Well, those who don’t know the right answer to this question, it is Josef Keller. This lip-smacking delicacy is made of “Kirsch” a clear liquor produced from tart cherries. Honestly, this cake is the best birthday cake choice for someone special.

    Pandan Cakes

    Green colored juice generated from pandanus palm is considered a vital ingredient in cooking in Southeast Asia. The pandan cake which is a fluffy chiffon cake is prepared using this ingredient. This flavorsome delicacy is one of the most desired cakes in the world. Well, getting any cake is not that difficult in the era of advanced technology, right? So, order cake online and enjoy the treat sitting back at your home in those warm pajamas.

    We could not disagree with the fact that desserts have been the greatest source of pleasure for human beings and a true supporter in the most difficult phases of life. So, undoubtedly, these desserts do deserve some appreciation and respect from us, right? Let’s appreciate and celebrate them in our every occasion with open hearts.

    Yogesh Sharma
    Yogesh Sharma
    Yogesh Verma working as a digital marketer at Winni. He’s a graduate from Punjab University. Get exciting offers on cake delivery across India. Also, don’t forget to browse through our vast collection of cakes.

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