Here is why you should forget about lip fillers and choose natural lip plumpers

    Every girl loves big, plump lips. There is no question about it. Full lips have always been a symbol of sensuality, attractiveness and seduction. That is why there are numerous ways how to enlarge your lips in the beauty world. You might have come across using natural ingredients such as cinnamon oil, cayenne pepper powder, peppermint essential oil, black pepper, ginger oil etc. that plump the lips naturally by irritating them when used in home-made mixes or you have probably heard about lip fillers which to this day are the most efficient method of enlarging the lips.

    However, many women go for the latter option not even considering the scary risks that come with the lip fillers. Regardless of how easy it sounds and it is promoted, the injection of lip fillers is a serious procedure that can endanger the health. Let’s discuss it in a more detailed way.

    What Do Lip Fillers Contain?

    Lip Fillers are mostly made of Hyaluronic Acid which is a substance that naturally exists in the body. This substance is able to plum out the wrinkles, make the cheeks more voluminous and enlarge the lips by eradicating the vertical lines in the lips. The plumping effect is possible because the hyaluronic acid brings tiny amounts of water into the injectable lip area and leave the lips more pronounced and bigger.

    They are probably the safest of all the lip fillers because if something goes wrong, there is an antidote that can reverse the consequences or hyaluronidase can be injected which will break down and dissolve the hyaluronic. They are not a permanent solution for plumping the lips as the effect lasts up to six months and after that, it must be repeated.

    Also, the lip filler can contain liquid silicones or more precisely SI-1000, which are considered to be a permanent plumping solution. They are, in fact, lip-shaped implants that are inserted in the lips with a miniature incision in the lip area. The same way they are put in they can also be taken out. They are very expensive as they cost from $3000 to more than $5000.

    In addition, the lip fillers can contain collagen but the injection process need to be finished on several occasions. Today, their popularity has really declined even though it was probably the most used method in the past. Moreover, there are fat replacement injections that are basically taking out fat from other parts from your body and injecting them in the lips. They also require several treatments and immediate blood supply.

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    The Risks from Lip Fillers

    As it is a procedure that is done in the doctor’s office, it is considered plastic surgery. And regardless of how small it is, it is still a surgery and it a lot of things can go awry.

    First of all, there is the pain of needles, bleeding and swelling. And that is just the beginning. The swelling or bruising can be extended up to 10 days. Also, lips may end up being in different sizes on top or bottom resulting in the lips being asymmetric. Lumps may be caused and infection might occur. There is even the possibility of a tissue loss due to injecting the lip filler into a blood vessel.

    If that isn’t scary enough, how about scars, stiffened lips, ulceration and severe allergic reaction to the chemicals presented through itching, swelling and redness? That sounds pretty nasty for a simple procedure, right?

    Taking all this into consideration, you really need to stop for a moment and think about making a decision to get lip fillers. Yes, doctors say that the chances of the side effects happening are very small, but they do happen. And if they happen, you can even end up in the hospital being treated from something that was basically your choice to happen. And all for what? Losing health for beauty? I am sure that is not the preference you will go for.

    If you are still considering this option, make sure you make the appointment with a doctor who is an expert, has years of experience and don’t hesitate to invest a small fortune. Otherwise, you might end up with less money, a lot of pain and thin lips – again.

    A Healthy Alternative

    So, what would be an ideal, healthier solution for women who want to have bigger lips?

    Lip Plumpers. They might not give the permanent result and the very obvious instant effect the lip fillers do, but they are pretty much the safest natural option there is to plump your lips. There are different brands on the market that come in the shape of lip glosses or lip plumping treatments and you need to find the one that works for you.

    These lip plumpers have ingredients that naturally irritate the lip skin area and produce a fuller rosy pout. The ingredients increase the blood flow around the lip area thus making them naturally swollen and with a natural rosy/reddish tint for an instant effect. The treatment lip plumping products can even prompt you permanent results if you use the lip plumper correctly over a certain period of time because of the natural collagen present in the formula.

    To Sum Up

    Always make sure that you care for your health first then for everything else. It won’t do you any good if you have bigger lips but you have to pay the price of pain, bleeding, swelling and all the other, more serious health risks. Will this painful experience make you feel prettier or tired to be something that is not the natural you? So, whenever you want to have bigger lips just reach to your bag, take your lip plumper and enjoy the effect immediately. And then repeat it the next day and the next and the next.

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