Top 10 Vegetarian Foods for the Diabetics


    Although it’s necessary for each one of us to take care of our diet especially after   a major change in our lifestyle, it becomes even more important for people suffering from certain health conditions like diabetes.

    Diabetics should go for the food that will keep their blood sugar levels within normal range. Besides the chosen food should also provide all the nutrients essential for a good health. Some of the required nutrients are Vitamin A, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. It’s also important to keep away from the starch-rich diet, while adding more fiber-rich food to the diet. Fiber rich diet also helps one satiate quicker, thus overall reducing the intake.

    Here are top 10 option as a vegetarian diet for diabetics that includes a balanced mix of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, and fat-free dairy products.


    Tomatoes contain a component called as lycopene which has a lot of health benefits specially related to immunity. Tomatoes are also rich source of Vitamins C, E & K and iron. Tomatoes can be consumed in a number of delicious forms like cooked in vegetables, in salads, as puree or sauce. Though, it’s not really recommended to use canned or processed tomato products since they contain high amounts of sodium.


    Well, there isn’t a better food option for the diabetics than beans. They are low on calories, while rich in proteins, fibers, magnesium and potassium.

    Whole grains:

    The recent health consciousness had made the whole grains quite popular. The chief reason is that these grains are richer in fibers with a number of health benefits. Oats and barley are good choices for diabetics amongst the whole grains. These are also rich in Omega 3, magnesium, folate, chromium and potassium.

    Fat-free dairy products:

    Dairy products are rich in vitamin D, hence, helps in strengthening teeth and bones. Thus, it is recommended to include fat-free dairy products in your diet.

    Sweet potatoes:

    Despite being a starchy food, sweet potatoes have lower glycemic index. They are also are rich in fiber and vitamin A. They can be consumed directly or as puree.

    Green leafy vegetables:

    Green leafy vegetables can substantially reduce the risk of diabetes 2 owing to their high levels of polyphenols and vitamin C. Both these components are anti-oxidants. They are also rich in iron, magnesium, potassium and fiber, while low on calories. Some examples of green leafy vegetables are broccoli, spinach, and cabbage.


    Nuts contain essential Omega 3 fatty acids. Also, they make the individual feel full quickly and for longer. They provide with essential fatty acids. They are also rich in fibers, again a good ingredient for heart health and digestion.


    Mushrooms do not have sugar and are a rich source of vitamin D. They are also devoid of fat thus great food for reducing cholesterol.


    Capsicum or bell peppers are good source of fibers, vitamin A & C, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium.


    Brinjal, also called eggplant is effective in reducing the diabetes related risk of retinal hemorrhage. It is also useful in reducing cholesterol.

    Dr. Kishor Kumar
    Dr. Kishor Kumar
    Kishor Kumar is a blogger, writer, entrepreneur, enthusiast learner, and occasional web designer. He is founder of Zigverve, Zigreads, Books & Writers and PastelRed.

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