The Universe of Vibrations

    Have you noticed that how we feel peaceful as soon as we enter some places? And how we feel repelled by some other places? Like, if there has been a sick or unhappy person living in a room for some time, we can sense that as soon as we enter. Every place in this world carries some energy or vibrations. These can be positive or negative. It is due to vibrations that we feel different at different places. We feel different when we pass in front of a hospital than what we feel when we pass in front of a temple or any other sacred place. Not only places, but each and every person carries certain vibrations. We feel happy and can easily open up in presence of some people while some other people, no matter how nicely they talk, repel us. A child carries the most positive vibrations of all, that is why we feel so light in the presence of a child and he/ she can effortlessly make us smile.
    This universe is made up of vibrations or taranga. It is stated in ancient scriptures and also by researchers of Quantum Physics. Some people even go to an extent of saying that if we want to find the secrets of universe, we should think in terms of energy and vibrations. Whats even more interesting is that our vibrations affect others and we are also affected by other’s vibrations. If we are happy and peaceful, that energy catches on to everyone who is connected to us and if we are sad or depressed, people close to us can feel those vibrations. It is said that if your friend’s friend’s friend is sad, that vibration reaches you.
    Now the million dollar question is that, can we change our own vibrations and that of a place? The answer is YES, we can. And the easiest way to do this, is to meditate and chant. Meditation can make our vibrations very positive as it takes out negativity from the core. It works at the root. Many times when people start meditating daily, they feel that things have started working for them. One of the reason is that meditation makes their vibrations very positive and in a world where everything is vibrations, having super positive vibrations translates into good fortune.
    Now coming to chanting, here by chanting I mean chanting of Sanskrit words and hymns. Sanskrit is the oldest language of the world and it has certain words which carry beautiful vibrations. When we chant those, they fill our mind and space with positive energy. However, it is necessary to have the correct pronunciation and intonation while chanting in order to produce the correct vibrations. I would like to share an incident here. Once we were travelling a lot and changing city and hence hotel every other day. Those days I was learning some Sanskrit Chants and used to chant daily, in order to practice. So, when I chanted them in hotel rooms, I could actually feel the shift in energy and the unfamiliar (and some with somewhat negative energy) hotel rooms would suddenly start feeling like home. And that’s when I had a thought that, may be, this is reason why in Indian house warming ceremonies, lots of sacred chants are sung, which make the vibration more positive and hence the place more habitable.
    So, sing, chant, meditate and fill the space, both outside and inside you with positivity.

    Rashmi Pareek Trehan
    Rashmi Pareek Trehan
    Rashmi is a teacher at the Art of Living. She has conducted several Art of Living workshop for hundreds of people till date, specially for the college students and young professionals.

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