5 Bedroom decorating ideas you would absolutely love

    The home decorating trends keep changing every year. With new styles every year people re-decorate their bedrooms. Whether you want to inquire about making a small change in your room or a big one, this post is for you. I have compiled some really easy and absolutely lovely bedroom decorating ideas for you right here. Do you want to know more about it? Read on.

    Here are 5 bedroom decorating ideas you would love to try out soon:

    Paint your furniture

    The first idea to decorate your room is to paint your furniture. I decided to beautify my plain white furniture and for that, it is very important for you to protect the working area. The things you need for painting your furniture are a paintbrush, sponge, masking tape, primer, and paint. You have to paint your drawers, some in different colors. You just need to color your furniture with the attractive and catchy colors which make a good impression on others. Your furniture should be dry and fresh when you start painting it. For the fresh furniture, you need to create some art in it. It can be any drawing, polka dots or any other art. Let’s put back the drawers and I am sure that it will look awesome.

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    Do some art with sheets and pillows

    The second idea to make your bedroom perfect is to do some art with your sheets and pillows. We can design our bedsheets and pillows via making some drawing on it. We can draw our own liking or art, it can be anything any landscape someone’s portrait or any words which can motivate you. Try to use as much as pillows as you can, it makes a lot of difference. On your pillow you can do some knitting or some other words like “love”, “hate”, and “smile” can be made with the help of knitting and thread. It will look so brilliant. You can also make some arts on the pillow with the help of different color tapes like a zigzag, some words or any other art. You can even paint in the blank boxes with fabric colors; it will also enhance your room look.

    Make some art with cactus

    We can decorate our room with the help of some cactus because cactus is indoor plant and we can easily put it in our room. For its betterment and some art, cactus demands some sand some colors, coloring tapes, toothpicks and few more. We can make sand of different colors and put it one by one in a glass and insert cactus in between of it. It looks amazing and tries to put it near the window. This thing will make your room look very catchy. We can make a glass of different sizes with different cactus size and put it on the different corner or on the same side. It all depends on our choice that how we settle out these things.

    Candle Corner

    A candle is the main essential which can easily increase the beauty of our room. We can decorate or make beautiful candles like the way we made cactus glass. It just needs a candle glass, candle wick, crayons and white wax. Different methods are available to make the candle; we can even create our own color choice wax and put the flame in it. You can insert some rocks in it also it will also make it looks more lavish and catchy.

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    Paper art on the wall

    If you like to draw or make things then paper art is not a big deal for you. You can make some paper at with that, different cards can be put on your wall. We can even put our pictures on the wall with very creative look even we can paint out the boxes and put the pictures in it. It is a brand new idea and many fewer people have tried that. We can create some different flowers with the help of paper and insert it in one thread. Put it on the top side of the wall as the borders of it, it will look mesmerizing.

    We can even make some paintings in our free time with the matching color of our room and put it somewhere in the room. It will enhance your skills as well as make your room look more attractive. We can make some beautiful flowers in a jar vase and put them on your table. If you have a window in your room put your table near to the window and this jar vase on it. These all things will make the whole look very catchy and attractive. These flowers should go with the contrasting color of your room, if you have bright colors make these flowers colorful otherwise pick what suits the room.

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    Hardy is a professional interior decorator who likes to blog about latest home decorating trends. She believes that it is very important to have a comfortable and well styled personal space in each house as it’s crucial to living a happy and healthy life. She likes hanging out with friends in her free time. You can read her latest posts on

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