Awesome ideas to decorate your boring walls using wall stickers

    There was a time when wall decor meant an art, photographs or tapestry hung on the wall on a painted wall. However, it’s not enough anymore. Now, wallpapers are a great choice to make a dull wall appear chic, but it comes with a high cost.

    On the other hand, wall stickers just might be the right choice to give your boring walls a pep look at a cheaper price. In fact, you can install different wall stickers for different walls of the house, you give your entire house a perfect décor. Now, the smaller wall stickers with quotes and birds and trees have been in use for quite a long time already, and most people might already be bored with them. So, it’s time to choose some newer wall stickers and use them innovatively for a refreshing look.

    Also, you could go for these whole-wall stickers which give the appearance of a wallpaper at a cheaper price. Apart from that, there are also these huge stickers which can imitate the appearance of architectural structures like a brick wall, stones or windows.

    Let’s see some examples of using wall stickers to decorate your walls.


    1. Beautiful patterns

    Awesome ideas to decorate your boring walls using wall stickers 7

    You can make use of smaller stickers to create a pattern on the wall. This will create the appearance of a patterned wallpaper only inexpensive. Also, you may try experimenting with stickers in a particular shape like a triangle or squares to give a geometric look to your walls.

    This trick is particularly helpful when you are living in a rented house or moves a lot, you can make your small stay beautiful for a lesser expense.

    2. Architectural beauties

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    Another beautiful method to accentuate your walls is to give them an architectural look. You can find stickers such as a brick wall, stone wall or even wooden planks. This can either be done for the entire wall or just for a portion of it like above your fireplace, or behind your TV unit or bar unit. How cool is that?

    3. Artistic stickers

    While there are several options to choose from artistic wallpapers, they will cost a fortune. However, you can attain similar results with the help of stickers at a much cheaper cost. Also, these days you can even find 3D art stickers to give your walls a wholesome appearance. You won’t even have to dig holes and nails (a really irritating thing to do) into your wall to achieve the results. This setup is especially suitable for the wall space behind couches or in the passages.

    4. Religious stickers

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    Now, it wouldn’t be suitable to place an artistic sticker behind your worshipping space or space which you use for meditation or similar stuff. However, if you put a sticker of your favourite god or goddesses in your zone, it will create the perfect holistic ambience. Truth is you won’t even have to install a separate temple as such.

    5. Kids room

    Getting a perfect décor for kids is very difficult, first because kids are very moody and you can never guess what they’ll like and second because their choice may not even last for more than a few days. So, if you installed an expensive wallpaper of your kids’ choice in their room and within a week, they complain that they don’t like it anymore what will you do? Stickers are the best choice in this regard. Not only there is a wide variety of stickers to choose from, but these are also cost-effective and you would be able to change them more frequently than wallpaper or wall paint.

    Another benefit of having stickers is when your kid is just beginning to learn writing or drawing and thinks the entire wall is a canvas, you can use stickers to hide the stains which are impossible to remove otherwise.


    Stickers are a great way to enhance the décor of your walls in a very limited budget. All you have to do is be a little creative and make the best use of your walls, space and available stickers. You can browse for thousands of different sticker designs.

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