Meditation – The Dive into The Ocean of Bliss

I reach home after a really tiring day with my body fatigued and my mind chattering continuously with hundred mundane thoughts. I take a quick shower and sit for meditation and after 20 minutes, as I open my eyes, the world seems new and fresh. The chattering of mind has stopped and I feel lighter, both mentally and physically. What 3-4 hours of sleep would have done, that and even more, gets done in 20 minutes flat through meditation.

Meditation is not something new. Even the person, who has never actually meditated, has experienced meditation sometime in his/her life, in some form or other. Remember the time when you sat beside a lake or river, looking at the flowing water, and how you felt during and after it…? Or remember the time, when you were playing your guitar, fully engrossed? Or if you love to cook, the time when you were preparing your favorite recipe? Every time our mind goes into that calm, quiet and content space, we are actually in a meditative state of mind. And consciously sitting and meditating every day, just makes that experience of a calm, content mind, linger for a long time…a really long time.

I am in my twenties and I have been meditating every single day, for past 6 years. In fact, those 20 minutes when I sit and meditate are my favorite time of day. It is like the happiness you experience while eating a chocolate truffle cake multiplied by 100! Meditation makes me live my life to the fullest, making all pleasant experiences, richer and deeper, and making all unpleasant experiences fall away quickly, like withered leaves from trees. It is not just MY experience, but the experience of anyone who has been meditating.


In today’s age, the best thing we can do for our self and the best thing we can get to experience is meditation. So, sit back, relax and dive deep into ocean of bliss…MEDITATE!