Decorating 101: Do It Yourself Or Hire A Pro?

    The never-ending battle – is it better to take the matters into your own two hands and rely on your refined taste or simply hire an expert and get it over with? Of course, every side has its positive and negative aspects and it is not easy to decide when the complete aesthetic fate of your house is in question. But, that should not discourage you in your future ventures. Here you can read about the good and the bad sides of both of these options, which will hopefully help you with making your decision:

    DIY: Pros

    One of the most obvious reasons for deciding on a DIY project is of course the finances. When decorating a space by yourself you are free to purchase whatever you wish according to your personal taste but also you can improvise, use you creativity and perhaps craft some decoration items by yourself. Other than that, you have the complete freedom of arranging and organizing the space by your measure. After all, you know best what pleases your eye. Another good side of this option is that you can turn it into a family project where every member can contribute with their own idea.

    DIY: Cons

    When it comes to the negative sides of this option, it is safe to say that projects like this require a lot of dedication, willpower and time. If you already have a full time job and other responsibilities, taking a huge project like this one could really overburden you. Also, it is important to realize that decorating is not for everyone. Some people just do not have the eye for details or simply do not find themselves in these kinds of disciplines and would rather focus their creativity on something else.

    Professional Decorator: Pros

    Hiring a professional decorator can surely be a god investment. One thing is for sure, it is much easier entrusting your house to a trusted residential builder or a decorator and not worrying about a thing. It gives you enough time to focus your mind on other projects while your house is getting styled up. Also, another great thing is that the people you hire are trained professionals and specialists in their field. This means that by the time it is done, your house will look absolutely dashing. These people know what they are doing as you are also free to consult with them about your desires and thoughts.

    Professional Decorator: Cons

    If you have a tight budget, perhaps hiring a professional is not that good of idea. Professional designers are known to be quite pricey and if you do not have enough money to invest in a good decorator, the chances are that you are going to stay stuck with somebody who does not know how to do his job. Also, decorating a house is somehow an intimate process and if you do not have a good communication with the designer, it is likely to say that your project will be unsuccessful. There is nothing sadder than not feeling comfortable in your own home.

    In the end, whether you are going to do this project on your own or hire a professional designer it comes down to your personal preference. Only you know how much time, patience and money you have available for a project like this. Consider your options, measure your abilities and your decision will surely be the right one.

    Lana Hawkins
    Lana Hawkins
    Lana Hawkins is a crafty girl from Sydney. She studies architecture and likes to write in her free time. Her favourite hobbies are knitting and cooking for her family and friends.

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