Different Types of Rings [Infographic]

Different types of rings are widely worn today. A ring can be made of metals like gold, silver or platinum and it can have diamond or any other stone as a center stone. Almost every culture has its own importance of bridal and engagement rings. Rings are often given as a gift to loved one to show respect and love. Diamond rings are the perfect gift for your better half if you want to make her feel special.

Wedding ring is a type of ring that shows marital commitment. On the other hand, eternity ring symbolizes eternity with the partner. Knuckle ring is often worn on the fingertip and the diameter of these types of rings is smaller than the traditional rings. Masonic ring is a symbol of authentic association to a group. Multi-finger ring can be worn in two or three fingers.

Below infographic, created by AG & Sons, revolves around different types of rings and their meanings.

Different Types of Rings