How kitchen tiles are different from bathroom tiles

    The use of tiles in the washroom and kitchen has been in trend from decades. These two spaces of our house are adorned with tiles as priority before it began having its spot in each room of the house. Tiles have been used in these two areas for their functionality and advantages.

    Both kitchen and bathroom have tiles almost of same but with little differences. Most of the people tend to use the same tiles at both areas. However, the kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles are having differences. For example, bathroom tiles are used to make your bathroom slip resistant. On the other hand, kitchen tiles are focused for making the surface easy to clean from spillage.

    Hence, the decision of the correct tiles for these rooms is bit challenging and requires a little planning with sharp eyes for detailing. Let’s know about the differences in kitchen and bathroom tiles and what the details to keep in mind are:

    Kitchen Tiles

    Discussing the kitchen, it is an area which is generally prone to stains and spills, because of the sort of work done here. The areas where kitchen tiles are installed will be the floors, walls and the backsplash. Each of these zones requiredifferent style of tiles. For example, the floor needs a strong and simple to clean substance as it witnesses heavyfootfall in a day. The walls need stylish pieces as well as dust resistant and easy to clean. And, the backsplash tiles should be alluring and efficient to resist stains, including those ones that are hard to clean. So, the qualities of kitchen tiles should include:

    • Spill resistant: The kitchen area is where we cook meal for every day. That’s why it is more prone to have spillage. A kitchen tile must be spill resistant and easy to clean.
    • Strong enough for heavy footfall: Kitchen area is used by everyone in the house. Whether someone is cooking or just going to take milk or food from the fridge, there is heavy footfall in the area. So, the tiles are strong enough to carry out this footfall.
    • Material: The kitchen tiles for backsplash area are usually of glass, porcelain, metal, etc. The floor kitchen tiles can be anything from vitrified to ceramic or natural stone, depending upon your budget. Similar sort of tiles can be utilized for kitchen walls and dividers, remembering the area’s exposure to dust and stains.

    Bathroom Tiles

    While deciding for the bathroom tiles, we have to think and plan in an alternate manner as the functionality of washroom is different from the kitchen. A bathroom is an area where heavy water flow, water stains and dirt is common. So the tiles you pick need to focuson these points. The zones where bathroom tiles are utilized are the floors and the walls. And, bathroom floors are usually remaining wet. So, when preparing for the bathroom renovation, keep in mind that tiles must be slip resistant. Let’s what qualities should follow in bathroom tiles:

    • Slip resistant: The bathroom area as we said above remains wet for long time. This wetness can cause you to slip over the floor. So, when you choose bathroom tiles, they must be slip resistant.
    • Small sized tiles: As the bathroom areas are commonly small than the other parts of house, the tiles used here must be of mid-sized or tiny. So that they look stylish and well-planned.
    • Griping tiles: Managing with the grip of the bathroom floors is an essential part so there must not be dealing of any sort of mishaps.
    • Material: As we know the bathroom floor would be wet more often, so the tiles here must be anti-slip or anti-skidwhich can be ofnatural stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles. Though for the walls we can utilize glass, porcelain, metal, etc.

    How to pick right tiles?

    Picking tiles for washroom and kitchen isn’t as simple as setting off to a showroom and getting the plan you like. It requires good attention while picking them. Beside from searching over internet andpicking tiles online which save your time and money, going to vendor stores for finding the righttype of tiles is also a good decision. In that place, we can generally purchase tiles with the advice of expert. And, get the piece with more detail which is necessary. However, online web stores also offer a good description and detail to their customer, it’s up to you from where you wish to purchase. Most people like to go seller’s shop for more eye-catching detail that online stores do not offer.

    Winding up:

    People usually do not understand the differences between bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles and pick the wrong ones which may not provide you the desired qualities. If you purchase a tile for bathroom that is not slip-resistant, you may face mishap by slipping on wet floor. So, when the next time you purchase the tile for your bathroom and kitchen keep in mind the above said points.

    Ariana Mortenson
    Ariana Mortenson
    Ariana Mortenson is a professional writer and blogger. She writes on various niches in a way that it’s understandable and she aims to achieve a difference through my writing which allows you to make informed and valuable choices.

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