Modern lighting – 8 types of designs bound to impress your guests

    Style and elegance have been one of the assets for contemporary lighting, be this chandelier, wall-mounted, and all types of vanity lights. Modern lights have the power to dictate the right kind of appearance, which you want to project in your home. However, all these lights can completely vary in functions and styles.

    More than just the aesthetic appearance, these beautiful lights provide fast solutions to your many lighting requirements. To conserve energy, and to make your house look stunning, you need to select the best modern lighting, which is capable of providing the type of lighting you need.

    Ambient Indoor Lighting

    Ambient or general lighting is intended to light up your entire house. This offers a uniform level of illumination throughout the space independently of other lighting sources. Furthermore, the purpose of installing these lights is to ensure easy and safe traffic. These types of beautiful lighting create an aesthetic appeal to your room. The ambient light ‘bounces’ off the walls to illuminate as much space as possible.

    Types of Fixtures That Can Provide General Ambient Indoor Lighting:

    • Ceiling mounted fixture
    • Chandelier
    • Wall-mounted fixture
    • Track light
    • Traditional recessed fixtures or LED downlights
    • Table lamp
    • Floor lamp

    Ambient Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor lighting is normally installed in order to ensure visibility and increase security around a building. This is also suggested to light up the exterior of the building, stairs, and entrances to reduce and perhaps remove the risk of injury that can occur when entering and leaving the building.

    The outdoor lights can vary from the accent and ambient. This is absolutely best to use the right type of lighting to match the specific application. This can assist in identifying the areas at the front, sides, and back of the property.

    Types of Fixtures That Provide Ambient Outdoor Lighting:

    • Hanging fixture
    • Spotlight
    • Garage and canopy lighting
    • Wall lighting
    • Post lantern
    • The recessed fixture used in overhanging structures

    Task Lighting

    Task lighting illuminates the tasks an individual carries out in a given space such as cooking, reading, computer work. A brighter light is needed in the smaller focal point of the room for these sorts of tasks. If you want your room to look pleasant and aesthetic, make sure that you avoid harsh lights because it casts troublesome shadows. You can install the beautiful and soft lights in your room. Task lights are extremely useful to use. From bedroom to bathroom, you can install it anywhere in your entire house.

    Types of Fixtures That Provide Task Lighting:

    • Pendant lighting
    • Slimline bar and under cabinet
    • Portable or desk lamp
    • Tape and extrusion

    Accent Lighting

    This type of lighting is mainly used to focus on a particular point of interest or to accomplish the desired effect. Installing this type of lighting, you will get the impression of a larger room. This is frequently used to highlight an architectural feature, a plant (in outdoor layout), a sculpture, or a collection of objects.

    Types of Fixtures That Provide Accent Lighting:

    • Wall-mounted fixtures
    • Slimline bar and under cabinet
    • Track light
    • Tape and extrusion
    • A directional recessed fixture or downlight

    Recessed Lighting

    This type of lighting offers a subtle yet focal lighting in your room. They are dimmer and softer, and that is what makes the ambiance beautiful. Recessed lighting can be titled and adjusted based on your requirements. While offering the illumination onto your artwork, you will not have to take out previous fixtures. You can install these lightings in various ways for your artwork.

    Traditional Chandelier

    The chandelier is always one of the beautiful and modern lightings, which makes your entire room looks absolutely appealing. Emanating luxury, beauty, and magnificence, the traditionally designed, a pure crystal chandelier is ideal for all those people who always desire to decorate their houses with aesthetic lightings.

    The stunning, finely-cut crystals do not just accentuate a sense of richness, but it also works effectively in maximizing the illumination through reflection. There are different types of chandeliers available, and you need to choose the right one as per your needs. In fact, depending on your budget and size of the room, you will have to decide the beautiful and traditional chandelier.

    Unique lights

    The lights that come under this category are extraordinary and unique. Have you ever seen a bird-shaped light? A light that resembles a thunder? A light that comes in the shape of a drawing? All these shapes and more are the unique lights. These lights are very aesthetically pleasing, and everyone will be astounded, and left to ask, “Where did you get this piece from?”


    The spotlights are tiny circular bulls that you install on the staircase, furniture, ceiling, and drawers. They will highlight only one aspect of the area, but they look beautiful. They look stunning across wooden furniture, and in the night they resemble the twinkling stars.

    Tech Lighting

    Tech lightings are those lighting wherein utility meets aesthetics. They are the custom made and specially designed lights that are practical and useful, as well as a sight for sore eyes. The tech lightings are the lightings that form a brilliant piece to add to your house.

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