How to Make Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly

    Everyone wants to help our planet and people engage more in building eco-friendly homes. When it comes to green bathroom, it is all about the water and ways of preserving it. Besides that, there are other aspects you can cover, such as the lighting and products you use. Nothing should be wasteful, so see what you can improve.

    Motion Sensor Faucet

    Bathroom sink is one of the places where the water wastes in enormous amounts. Most of the people spend more water than they actually need when brushing their teeth and washing their hands. Just think about your habits in the bathroom and see how much water goes to waste. To put the stop on such needless waste, consider installing a motion sensor faucet. This smart faucet can easily track when you need the water, and it simply will not accidentally stay open for a few minutes or even hours. Additionally, this type of faucet will make your bathroom look cleaner, since there are no handles for the gunk to build up around.

    Low-Flow Toilet                    

    Toilet is probably the biggest water waster in your home. It wastes even more water than the washing machine and dishwasher. Ditch your old toilet and give your bathroom a new shiny low-flow model. Some people have been complaining that this type of toilet flushes less than it is desirable, but luckily, new models have arrived which have ample flushing power, while still preserving water. This innovation to your bathroom is easy to install, it can even be done by your contractor, and it will save you tons of money on your water bill. Not to mention how much you are helping your environment

    Low-Flow Shower Head

    You can simply reduce your showering time to 5 minutes to preserve some water. However, if you enjoy long showers and you believe you need to spend lots of water in the shower for some other reasons, then you should consider replacing your shower head. Ordinary head uses somewhere between 5 to 8 gallons of water each minute, so replace it with a low-flow head and cut the use down to 2.5 gallons or less. Basically, these eco-friendly shower heads have two benefits: firstly, you are saving the water while you are showering, and secondly, you are saving the energy spent to heat up the water. This is one inexpensive upgrade in your bathroom, and according to beliefs of Engadine plumbing professionals, your family can save hundreds of dollars each year.

    Change the Light Bulbs

    Since the bathroom is usually the place which gets the least daylight, the amount of energy spent on lighting is just too big. To avoid all that waste of energy and money on the bills, you should switch to LED light bulbs that also offer you lots of different color options. Additionally, LED light bulbs last longer than ordinary ones, which again saves you money on constant replacements. And, these upbeat light bulbs consume almost 80 percent less energy than the outdated incandescent bulbs.

    Eco-Friendly Bath Products

    Now that the fixtures are eco-friendly, you have to focus on using green products in your bathroom. Everything from bath towels to hand soap should be green and certified as organic product, so you would make less damage to the environment. Most of the bath and beauty products we use contain petrochemicals and some toxic preservatives such as parabens. So switch to more sustainable products that contain natural ingredients made by organic farmers and support their business along with preserving the environment.

    As you can see, some minor changes and renovations around the bathroom can have a great impact on the world around us. Be more aware of the global situation today and embrace this new green look for your bathroom and make a difference on the long run.

    Lana Hawkins
    Lana Hawkins
    Lana Hawkins is a crafty girl from Sydney. She studies architecture and likes to write in her free time. Her favourite hobbies are knitting and cooking for her family and friends.

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