The real truth about bathroom bacteria

    While most people consider their bathrooms to be thoroughly clean, it might be a bit further from the truth. Unfortunately, no matter how much you scrub, there will always be certain types of bacteria lurking around. Nevertheless, you can only do your best to avoid getting in contact or to minimize the chances of catching something awful. On the flip side, public bathrooms are another story.

    Where are the bacteria lurking the most?

    Whether you like it or not, your hygienic items will be crawling with bacteria. But, it does not mean that you should be panicking right away, most are harmless to humans, and will rarely cause any kind of problems. Though, you should first learn about the various facts on bathroom germs and bacteria, before you start cleaning like crazy.

    Start cleaning with organic cleaners

    Chemicals can be poisonous not only to germs, but to your family as well, if you are using too much. However, if you switch over to an organic way of cleaning, it is possible to keep your bathroom clean, and to get rid of most bacteria. Nevertheless, it is impossible to remove them all, but because you are not going to use synthetic cleaners anymore, you will lower the chances of future bacteria building up resilience.

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    Handle mould immediately

    Be sure to clean up any mould you see growing in your bathroom. They will be a great source for bacteria to multiply and to start spreading like wildfire. Fortunately, simple household items, can help you do away with them. Though, afterwards make sure that you do everything in order to prevent mould from growing once again. Be wary because some can be quite dangerous, especially if you have someone in the family who is sensitive.

    You can clean the clean, but are you doing it right?

    We would like to believe that we are cleaning the bathroom all the right ways, but in the end, most of us are still going about the gross mistakes we do not even notice. However, things are less grim as they might sound, because bacteria will be around whether you like it or not. Even more so, some bacteria you will need to function well. Nevertheless, try to minimize contamination by separating various items in your bathroom, and keep them further apart.

    Mind your plumbing issues

    Be careful to clean up and fix any issues in your bathroom, because they will be a great place for bacteria to multiply and spread. Blocked drains are perhaps the most dangerous, as they will collect all the debris in your pipes, and bacteria can freely thrive in such an environment. The worst is that all the bad kind of bacteria can spread from there and infect your bathroom, without you being the wiser. Nevertheless, practice good hygienic routines to keep your bathroom safe, clean and most of all a place where you are not afraid to come in.

    Good hygiene and cleanliness are key to keeping your bathroom safe, and relatively bacteria free. Try to avoid using chemicals when cleaning, as they will only add to the resistance of germs, and over time, it will prove to be harder to get rid of them. Be sure to practice green cleaning methods, because that will give you fantastic results, and it will leave your bathroom smelling nice and fresh. Fix drainage and pipe issues as soon as possible, to avoid bacteria getting a breeding ground. Furthermore, try decluttering you bathroom, to have space for everything, and to avoid bacteria infecting various items.

    Diana Smith
    Diana Smith
    Diana smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to health and alternative medicine. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

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