Origin of numerology and its current relevance

Numerology has emerged as an important branch of the numerical science of future reading. It is based on the numeral logic that guides us along the different path of our lives. It is the study of links between different numbers present in our lives including our birth dates, month, years, etc. Numerology is an ancient science and is still followed today with much belief.

The science related to Numerology carries the belief of being as old as the birth of basic mathematics. It has proved to be an influential model for uncovering mysteries of future. Based on the numerical logic the relationship between numbers helps to find out a pattern of future predictions. It’s applicability of numerical logic is used with words also including the names, month names that help in revealing divinatory readings.

The Birth of Numerology

numerologyAncient thinkers believed that numerology established a logical link between the different numbers, our material world and the spiritual world. According to an astrologer in Bangalore, the first seed of numerology rose in between 3200 to 2800 B.C. by Sumerians who were believed to be first proper civilization. They had an advanced system of mathematics, astrology and mystical arts. They developed a numerical system known as Chaldean numerology.

Through the principles of Chaldean numerology, it is predicted that the numbers are linked to the energy of the universe. It is a powerful creative energy that is always moving in the response to the divine order of all the things. According to them, the various aspects of the human existence had been linked to the numerology. The energetic properties of different numbers were used to classify, reveal and notify about the future happenings.

The Growth of Numerology

The next step towards the growth was through Pythagorean Numerology that evolved in 6th century B.C. According to this theory, it was believed that there existed an important and strong, mysterious relationship between numbers and the happenings of the real world. The theory was coined by the great thinker and mathematician Pythagoras who was also known as ‘Father of Western numerology’. It is firmly believed that he first studied Chaldean Numerology and then made suitable modifications. Both these numerologies are based on alphanumeric systems. It worked on faith that the same

Both Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology are actually alphanumeric systems. These systems worked on the faith that same vibration energy is attributed to numbers are also similarly attached to the alphabetical symbols.

Current Relevance of Numerology

The new-age science has also confirmed the basis of the ancient Numerology. It supports the thought process that everything in the universe vibrates and responds according to the varying levels. Today, there is an overall growth in terms of ‘Science of Numerology’. There are different branches including Chinese Numerology, Indian Numerology, etc., each with their own culture beliefs and happenings.  The people use the calculation of the Numerology for self-knowledge and better future. Today, Astrologers in Bangalore are quite famous followers of Numerology in India.  Even the common man is inclined to this particular path. Its divination has continued from centuries and still blossoming with undying popularity.