Amazing Jewels You Never Knew Existed

When it comes to picking the perfect piece of jewellery everyone wants something that reflects the uniqueness and beauty of their own personality, something eye-catching and different. Whether it’s a special gift, a stunning fashion piece or even an extra special engagement ring, an amazing and exceptional jewel is an offering they’ll never forget. Take a look at the captivating and astonishing jewels available today to add a touch of something different to a classic piece of jewellery.

Black Gold

Sure, we all know gold comes in different colours, white, yellow and rose right? But did you know stunning pieces of jewellery are also created from gold that is blue, green and even black. That’s right, black gold – and no we’re not talking about crude oil! Coloured gold can be created via a range of different methods. These methods include creating alloys using silver or copper which is the method used to produce the more familiar rose and white coloured gold, as well as green and red gold. Another method is using inter-metallic compounds to create amazing purple and blue gold; however this usually makes the gold more brittle and only suitable for use as gems or inlays. Finally, the methods used to make black gold are surface treatments such as electroplating using black rhodium or ruthenium.

When paired with bright, clear stones, black gold makes a stunning contrast to the usual yellow, rose or white toned gold. Black gold is stunningly eye catching and bound to get you noticed due to its unique appearance. It is important to keep in mind however that as the black colour is due to a plating process it will wear off over time, so be prepared to get the plating refreshed every two years if the jewellery is to be worn regularly.

Blue Diamonds

While white diamonds are prized for lacking in colour, some coloured diamonds can be more unique and valuable than their white counterparts. It is generally preferred that white diamonds are relatively free of yellow or brown discolouration. However, intense pink or blue diamonds, or the most rare of them all, the red diamond, can be not only valuable but incredibly beautiful as well. The world’s best known blue diamond is the Hope Diamond, an incredible 45 carat dark blue diamond worth $250 million!

Even if your budget doesn’t stretch quite that far, you have nothing to fear, for there are a variety of beautiful and unique blue diamonds available today at an affordable price. Although they tend to be a little pricier than white diamonds, blue diamonds do give a unique and unforgettable take on the traditional white diamond. If your special someone is a little outside of the box, a stunning piece of jewellery (or even an engagement diamond ring designs!) featuring a blue diamond could really be the perfect gift.


There’s almost no doubt you’ve never heard of hackmanite, as it is one of the rarest gems in the world. This rare and curious gem has the amazing ability to change colour from day to night. This is due to a rare quality featured in hackmanite known as tenebrescence, which means the gem changes colour when exposed to light, and back again after being in darkness. The varieties from exotic locales such as Afghanistan and Burma show this quality in the strongest sense, exhibiting a deep purple hue in daylight, and glowing with a blue moon silver hue in the night.

Unfortunately, due to its rarity and fragility you won’t find this special gem in your local jeweller, but specimens can be found. It’s a bit too brittle to be featured in a piece like a ring where it could suffer damage, but would be suitable for a pendant.

Refurbished Antiques

Everyone loves a classic, because it never goes out of style. Refurbished vintage and antique jewellery combines the best of both worlds with modern reinterpretations of classic designs that hark back to more romantic times of yore. Whether it’s an old-fashioned cut of gem in a new setting, or a new and unusual gem in a vintage setting, there’s something about bringing a modern look to antique pieces that makes them seem both timeless and fresh, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

With modern jewellery styles becoming more and more commercialised and clichéd, unique jewellery lovers are seeking out these pieces with a modern twist on classic style. Find your own vintage piece and revamp it with a new gem for a special and eye-catching look that’s totally unique to you.