How To Tend To Your Chapped Lips During The Winter Months

Now that the winter weather has truly started setting in and the days are gradually becoming colder and windier, your body can suffer in a number of different ways. Not only can the harsh weather conditions cause your hair to become dry and your nails to become brittle, they can also dry out your lips. Your lips can be rather neglected throughout the year, but they can also cause the most pain when they dry out. However, there is no need to give up hope just yet. If you’re at the stage where your lips have begun to chap, or they’re long past this stage, the following steps should help to restore them to full health.

Do NOT pick at your lips!

I realise that all you want to do when your lips become chapped is pick at the skin and ‘smooth’ them out, but this will never happen through this method of treatment. Picking at your lips will only make them worse, and when you do exposure the skin underneath, it will undoubtedly be red and sore. So I know it’s a big ask, but please do everything to your power not to pick at your lips. (Even if that means following Phoebe’s example and taping your hands into oven gloves).

Accept that lipstick is currently not your friend

I have had coffee with multiple girlfriends whose lips are not in a good way, and in an attempt to hide the dry skin, they coat their lips in lipstick. Do not follow suit. This action only enhances how dry your lips appear, and however well you apply your lipstick, the end result will always look messy and unattractive. If you lay off the lip products whilst your lips are dry, you will speed up the healing period and avoid any negative thoughts (or if your friends are bold enough, comments) regarding your flaking lipstick.  

Hydration is the key to recovery

Dehydration is the cause of chapped lips and therefore it would be logical to assume that re-hydration will bring them back to full health — and this is exactly the case. The NHS online recommends sourcing a lip balm that contains either beeswax or petroleum, suggesting that these products will offer the most intense levels of hydration. If you’re looking for a lip balm rich in beeswax, I suggest investing in a tube of Burt’s Bees — a balm with high beeswax content and soothing and nourishing coconut oil.

Exfoliate your lips (unless they’re red raw!)

If your lips are only just starting to dry out and they are yet to reach the ‘soft foods only’ stage, exfoliation can rescue your lips before disaster strikes. Exfoliators rich in oils such as jojoba and peppermint can also help to hydrate your lips further, so look out for these ingredients when you buy a lip exfoliator. However, if your lips are already flaking and sore, do NOT exfoliate them. The exfoliator itself can be too harsh to use against your dry skin so using these types of product will only increase your lip sensitivity.

Don’t underestimate the power of the sun

Whilst the presence of the sun is a rare occurrence during a British winter, it can still make a surprise appearance from time to time, and when it does, you need to be prepared. Look for a lip balm that you can use regularly and that contains an SPF of at least thirty. This will ensure that your lips are always protected against sun damage as well as helping your lips to retain that essential moisture.

Oils are your friends

As mentioned earlier, hydration is the key to recovery, and that is exactly what oils such as hazelnut and mirabelle will do for your lips. Clarins Instant Light Lip Oil not only soothes your chapped lips it also hydrates them, resulting in a glossy shine and allowing your lips to glow whilst they heal. If you follow the advice above, your lips will be back to pouting perfection in no time.


  1. Oops I have been chewing my lips’ flakes all the time in order to smoothen them. Did not realize it is harmful. I use lipsticks with SPF and oils infused in them and remove the lipstick with cold cream or baby oil. That keeps lips soft and not messy.