Prom Dress Styles that are Going to Rock this 2016

If 2016 is the year of your very first prom, you’re in luck. Prom fashions have reach all-new heights this year and the fashion is simply sensational. Here’s what’s hot for prom in 2016.

Image by iveaul via Flickr

Mermaid Prom Dresses

This is a really style of prom dress but it’s still brings sexy back year in and year out. Mermaid prom dresses are perfect for showing off those curves while still being eloquently classy. They’re not particularly revealing but still fabulous and sure to be “dad approved” also! You can shop a range of mermaid dresses from the beautiful prom dresses.

Cocktail Prom Dresses

The floor-length cocktail dress is a prom-safe favourite but these dresses are anything but average. You can go crazy this year and mix up prom dress style with beads, tulle skirts, exotic prints, and spaghetti straps or even a funky colour combination. You can even tastefully show off a little skin with lace and slits and still be that classy prom girl. Check out Paris Prom Dresses from

One-Shoulder Dresses

One shoulder prom dresses are very in for 2016. Prom is a very classy night and you should be showing off your hot-right-now fashion sense, so being too revealing with what you wear is an awful idea. But a one-shoulder dress for prom can bring just enough sexy to prom by showing off some more your subtler features, like the nape of your neck, your shoulders, and the smooth skin on your back.

Avoid These Fashion Mistakes in 2016

So now you know what’s hot for 2016’s prom, how do you make sure you don’t ruin prom before even stepping out the door? Some girls try too hard for their big night and end up looking a little too much. So here’s a few key prom style mistakes to stay away from and a couple you absolutely should be implementing!

Don’t Clash Colours

Let’s face it, no one looks good in clashing colours or those that look a little too similar. If you absolutely have to wear two different blues or pinks, make sure there is a degree of contrast to them.  Probably the worst thing you can do is wear shades that can’t be distinguished from one another under those dance floor lights. It’s not only clothing that can clash, it’s all-too-easy to clash shades of fabrics with your hair colour and skin tone.

Don’t Wear The Wrong Dress For the Wrong Body Type

Let’s get straight to it: choose a dress that is going to enhance your fabulous body shape and camouflage those imperfections.

  • If you have a fuller bust, choose a dress that will define your waist and bring a few curves to your lower and upper half.
  • If you are of an apple shape, pick an empire waist with an embellished top.
  • If you are more on the slender side, add volume to your upper and lower body to create a curvaceous illusion.
  • Blessed with an hourglass figure? Accentuate the waist line and legs.
  • If you have a pear shaped figure, bring the lower region’s curves down a notch by emphasizing your waist and then add a little volume to your bust with an open neck that is well-fitted.
  • More on the petite side? Wear a short dress and show off those legs, complete with high heels for a little height.

Final Word

The whole idea for prom 2016 is to keep things classy and not dress like you’re off to a night at a club. It’s not specifically about rules but more about maturity. And at this age, there’s no doubt you’re there.