Paint Colors That Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

    Color can do many things for your home. It can give it personality or bring energy into the room. It can even make a small space seem bigger. So for those who live in smaller homes, there are ways you can use color to make your home appear bigger. From choosing the right paint to determining which hue is perfect for you. Here are some helpful tip on how to use color to make your home look bigger.

    Go monochromatic

    It would be a good idea to use monochromatic paint throughout the whole room. Even though picking one color can seem monotone and boring, you can create a lively space with this trick. This will create unity of space, this pattern could even be extended if there are connected rooms. Sticking to one color is recommended, but you can pick several shades of the same color. Darker hues of the same color could create depth and make the space seem larger than it actually is.

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    Pick light

    It is well known that painting your walls with light colors can make it seem bigger. This is because walls with light colors are reflective and create a feeling of a more open space. Colors that would be great for this are white, light blue and bright yellow. This trick will work perfectly if you have several windows in a room to let natural light in. The same effect can be achieved by adding and positioning mirrors in a room to reflect light. While light colors reflect light, painting the room with dark colors will make it absorb light and make it look smaller.

    Create a contrast wall

    Painting one wall differently than others will make it a focal point. By doing this you can create an optical illusion of more space. If the whole room is painted bright, feel free to put darker color on the accent wall. This will make the room appear bigger horizontally, if you want to make the room appear higher use the same technique on the ceiling. Differently painted ceiling will draw an eye up, and give an illusion of a higher room.

    Use stripes

    Painting stripes on the walls can make it appear larger. Use horizontal stripes to expand the room, it doesn’t have to be every wall in it. Simply pick two walls and add stripes across it. Pick contrasting colors to achieve the effect of depth. If you are painting with different colors, make sure you washed the paint brush well with acetone. You don’t want to mix colors and ruin the wall.

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    Trim it lighter

    Using a lighter color on wall’s trim will create an optical illusion of depth. You don’t have to paint them white, simply pick a lighter shade of the wall color. This can make the walls appear further away and this as a result makes the whole room bigger. Experiment a little by using a matte color on the trim.

    Pick colors according to a room

    There is no need to paint the whole house in a single color. Depending on a room and the mood choose different colors. Soft and cool colors will make a room more soothing and relaxing, colors that would serve this purpose are the ones closer to blue and green on the color wheel. Make a room more dramatic with warmer colors like red and beige.
    Colors are important for a living space, they give it personality and can set the mood in it. By using these simple trick you can make your home appear bigger.

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    Diana Smith
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