Pros and cons of popular wood materials for kitchen cabinet refacing

    Kitchen cabinets are considered the centerpiece of the modern kitchen. The significant space they take up attracts so much attention, and as such, they require extra consideration when it comes to design and builds quality.

    When brand new, it cannot be denied that kitchen cabinets can instantly uplift the overall appearance of a rather seemingly bland space. This is especially true if they display the natural finish of the wood they are made with. Natural wood finish not only gives off that classic ambiance, but it’s also a great way to show off the unique grain of the wood the cabinets are made of.

    Regardless if the kitchen cabinet has that clear finishes or not, there will come a time that their once shiny look will start to look dull, boring, and dreary. That is the time when you will have to decide whether you either purchase a new set of cabinetry or just have them refaced by professionals.

    For the past recent years, cabinet refacing has become a popular choice not only among budget-savvy homeowners but also to those who want to customize their current kitchen cabinets.

    One popular kitchen cabinet refacing materials available for customization nowadays is wood. Unlike other refacing materials, wood is a simple yet effective material that can instantly make an already outdated-looking cabinet into an expensive, brand-new one. Depending on the type of wood, though, several considerations have to be taken in order to ensure correct and proper installation into the kitchen cabinet.

    With a lot of options available in the market, choosing the right wood material can be quite challenging. To help you pick the right one, we present this infographic from Kitchen Cabinet Refacing, which details the pros and cons of popular wood materials for kitchen cabinet refacing:

    Pros and Cons of Popular Wood Materials For Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

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