Spend less, enjoy more: 12 smart ideas to decorate your kitchen

    When used frequently, your kitchen can get tired over time. But you don’t have to break your bank balance to give it a refreshing new look. All you need to do is leash out your creativity and imagination to pep up the heart of your home.

    If you’re looking for some awe-inspiring ideas to make your kitchen look beautiful, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 12 smart ideas to decorate your kitchen.

    1. Build a feature wall… or two!

    Walls are a great way to create an impression on the guests. And adding wallpaper is a cheap and smart way to add colour and vibrancy to your outdated kitchen. Either you can cover the entire wall or create a feature wall; both will make it look equally striking. When choosing a wallpaper, ensure that you opt for heat and steam resistant wallpaper, specially designed for kitchens.

    2. Set up a wall rack:

    A wall rack is a perfect aide to make your empty walls look fab. You can set webbing-mounted bed slats along with a couple of wall hooks. If you’ve old bed slats, then you can upcycle them to make it a cost-effective storage solution. Even unwanted pieces of wood will be handy with S-hooks for hanging daily use stuff like scissors or spoons.

    3. Garnish cabinets with a new colour:

    Kitchen cabinets are the eye-catchers, so decorating them would make more sense. Painting them would be the cheapest solution to create a fresh look. Look for the trending kitchen cabinet colour on Google before garnishing. Furthermore, make sure you prime them first.

    4. Update your refrigerator’s look:

    Are you desperate to give your refrigerator a splash of new colour? Well, if the answer to this question is a big “YES”, then you don’t need to buy a new one for this purpose. Get artful with a can of spray paint. As an alternate option, you can cover the door with colourful wallpaper. That would be a temporary option; you can anytime change it with your changing mood and taste.

    5. Organise your kitchen:

    For some of us, cooking in the kitchen leads to the disorganization of dishes, pots, groceries, etc. All of these can make your kitchen look unattractive and dysfunctional. Therefore, grab one weekend to sort out your messy cupboards and shelves. Clear your worktops and arrange everything in order. If you’re going out of storage space, then you can rethink about adding it one.

    6. Choose a theme with some accessories:

    If you want an instant kitchen makeover, then liven up your scheme with fun accessories. You can display some selected items on open shelving and add some humour like “Eat Healthy and Exercise Daily” or “Eat, Drink and Repeat” on your refrigerator. Such funny things can also lighten up your cooking mood.

    7. Change the current fabrics:

    Another option to renovate your kitchen and spend less is to focus on fabrics. It may include cover pots, bottles, seat cushions for chairs, petty blinds, and tablecloths. Transforming them into a decorative item would be excellent. You can place colourful fabrics that’ll match with everything. Even a change of tea towels would make a difference.

    8. Upgrade your kitchen appliances:

    If you can go beyond cheap and settle for a little expensive decoration item, then buying new statement appliances would do wonders. Instead of changing furniture, you can replace freestanding appliances like a kettle, toaster, etc. Bright coloured ones that are not so flashy would create an impact. It will not cost so much that you get out of the budget.

    9. Panel your kitchen walls:

    Panelling is a superb way to add character to your contemporary kitchen. If you’re looking to cover uneven walls, then full wall panelling will be an ideal option. You’ll get a fresh look without spending a fortune. And best of all – you can do this job on weekends.

    10. Add distinctive taps:

    If you’re sick of the same old tap, then change it to a shiny new mixer. You can change the feel of yours instantly by replacing an old one with a copper tap or the one that has ceramic handles. The latter one would give you a country look to your kitchen space. A stainless-steel design would make a real style statement.

    11. Add a colourful wall art:

    Cooking is an art, then isn’t it a good idea to surround the canvas with the art studio? Eye-catchy wall art would add a playful personality to your scheme, introducing a retro vibe. If you’ve small kids, then it’s a good idea to choose artwork inspired by food for your kitchen to fascinate them. In case you’re a chef, then creating a story with your artwork would add a personal touch.

    12.  Add drama with new lights:

    Make a statement by shedding new lights on your kitchen area. The incorporation of ceiling lights or oversized metal pendants will introduce an industrial feel. You can also hang them over your kitchen island (in case you have); it will create a focal point in your kitchen.

    This Christmas, reward yourself!

    So, there you have it! So many options in the kitty prove that you don’t need oodles of cash to remodel your kitchen in a stylish yet functional way. Even if you think, how much does a kitchen renovation cost, and then hire an interior designer.

    Eleena Wills
    Eleena Wills
    Eleena Wills is a writer and blogger who strives to provide informative and valuable articles to people. With quality, constructive, and well-researched articles, one can make informed choices. She covers a wide range of topics, from home improvement to hair styling and automotive.

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