Five ways to give your house an industrial look

    Are you thinking about renovating your living space? I’m assuming if that is the case, you are looking for a particular theme by which you can decorate your space. Well, the ideas could be endless, but my personal favorite is the industrial look. This theme evolved around 19th-century ruins of industrial buildings that were being utilized by studio artists. This is where the trend of industrial look of homes was originated. It is minimalist look, with somewhat of a mechanical approach to it. It doesn’t ever look overdone, and it is also a very easy DIY, so I presume you would have no trouble getting this look for your house all by yourself. All you need are a few tips, and I’m going to provide you with them. Just read on to find out how you can get this look.

    Exposed Beams & Pipes

    Well, to begin with, you must have noticed exposed pipes and beams – building systems, in other words in the older buildings. Since the industrial buildings had only been used for commercial, functional purposes, there wasn’t any requirement of furnishing the walls and hiding the building systems. If you wish to mimic this same look at your personal space, you should consider keeping some of the plumbing exposed in any area; such as the open kitchen. This is the perfect way of showing off that industrial look while keeping the place looking neat and well-constructed. Do not overdo this, or the house will look messy, and it is somewhat unsafe as well. Another idea is to leave the space under the kitchen sink exposed.

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    Faded wood

    The woodwork in industrial buildings is relatively weathered and old. It adds a warm feel to the house. You can discuss your options with your interior decorate or if you are doing it yourself, watch some DIY videos on YouTube for guidance. If you’re insecure about using old wood because you believe it won’t be durable, or if you do not have weathered wood at your disposal, consider buying wood paint and sandpaper to get the look you want. You can replace your floor by installing such wooden panels while keeping some space for concrete linings. I’ll explain that in a bit. If you’re low on budgets for getting a wooden floor, look in furniture thrift shops or recycling centers to find the wood.

    Red Bricks

    Old, baked red bricks are my favorite building material since ages, and no look is as good as these bricks. If you’re building a new home or getting some construction done this should be reasonably easy, but if that isn’t the case you can always opt for brick veneers to give a focal wall the appearance you want. You can also get this look in your kitchen and around the fireplace so that it looks like a kiln. Now, in case you have brick walls all covered with plasterboard, consider getting the plasterboard removed to expose the brick in the open and bring that feel to the place.


    Lighting is vital to a home, but the types of equipment you use for lighting up space accentuate the overall theme. I would suggest you pass on the fluorescent look for dim yellow lights because combined with a red brick wall they would give a warm feel to the house. You can use large structure lamps on top of the dining table or the entrance gallery of the house because an industrial look is all about statement pieces put at the front to grab attraction. All the other existing light fittings just need a change in their hues, so alter the glass shades to get warmer tones in the lighting. Choose metallic lamps for study and bedside tables.


    Just expose the concrete. Back in time, concrete was the most durable building material, and to this date, it is used in construction. It’s sturdy, and it’s cheap, and mostly in industries, nobody focused on polishing it up because bringing aesthetics to a manufacturing space didn’t make sense. Now, you can either make a concrete floor or line the wooden floor from the sides with concrete. The central space of a room may have wooden paneling, but the gallery and other areas of the house can have a concrete floor. You can customize the colors so that it looks fancy and doesn’t give off that cheap look you would want to avoid.

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    As a bonus tip, remember that you have to choose furniture very carefully. Opt for mechanical looking, metallic furniture like this height adjustable standing desk. Hope this helps!

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