Let Nothing Dim the Light that Shines From Your Home

    Decorative lighting is the jewelry of architecture. It is an important aspect of interior design because it gives your home an aesthetic appeal and creates the mood and ambiance of a warm and cozy living space. In short, It provides your home the sparkle and shine.

    There are various styles of decorative lightings to choose from for your home. Choosing one that is both functional and decorative can be a difficult task. When buying decorative lighting fixtures make sure that it quickly catch the eye while doing the practical purpose of lighting the room. It’s important to take note of this because most decorative lightings emit light rather poorly.

    This article helps you learn some of the decorative home lighting essentials to keep in mind for your next home improvement.

    Importance of Decorative Lighting in Interior Design

    Light Provides an Illusion of Space

    Light placements can either make your room look bigger or smaller. For example, a ceiling light placed at the center of a living room can illuminate the whole room in a way table lamps could not. Wall sconces, on the other hand, can elongate the space of a hallway through the placement of lights on the walls.

    Light Can Add Colors to Your Home

    Aside from creating the illusion of size and space into your room, good lighting can liven up your room by adding colors to the design. During the day, sunlight can highlight the color selection of a room. In the evening, placement and type of lighting can affect how light or dark a living space can appear.

    It is important to test colors using different lighting types during the design phase. The light emitted may be a warm or cool color depending on the kind of bulb used. Make sure that the lighting installed is complementary in color to avoid the situation where bulbs emit different, competing colors of light.

    Light Creates the Mood

    A lighting in a room can affect feelings while you are inside. For example, in a room where there is an indirect light you would feel calmer. It is because indirect lighting minimizes harsh shadows. Higher levels of illumination, on the other hand, can stimulate people to alertness and produce cheerful effects.

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    Light Amplifies Design Element

    Decorative lighting is often used to emphasize the beauty of a chosen design within a space. You can highlight, for example, a painting in the living room by the use of light.

    It is important to cast light on a particular design features or decor to prevent it from disappearing in the view.

    Types of Decorative Lighting Products


    Chandeliers are circular hanging fixtures with up lights, and occasionally down lights, attached to various living spaces. This type of lighting fixture is older than bulbs and electricity and was powered by candlelight for centuries. But you can have an electric version of it nowadays.

    Chandeliers are perfect in traditional and rustic decorating styles and can have a functional setup in any room of the home, from the bathroom to the dining area. In choosing the right size for a chandelier, measure first the length and width of the room in feet and add the two dimensions together. The sum will provide an appropriate diameter in inches.

    Hang a chandelier in your homes because it will surely grab the visitor’s attention because of its substantial size and showy design.

    Pendant Light

    Pendant lights are smaller light fixtures that are suspended from the ceiling on a chain or, sometimes, on three chains. Its name comes from the fact that it mimics a hanging pendant from a necklace. Pendant lights can provide both task and general lighting. Adding these light fixtures  can add a stylish element to your home decors.

    Wall Sconces

    Wall sconces typically provide both accent and ambient lighting. It is perfect for lighting your dark hallways or highlighting your beautiful wall decors.

    Styles range from contemporary fixtures with frosted glass and brushed nickel finishes to traditional lantern-style fixtures with antique brass or oil-rubbed bronze finishes.

    Table Lamps

    Portable lighting such as table lamps is a favorite element of design in every room. They are great tools to define functional zones in a room, and they provide emotional impact in particular spaces.

    For optimum effect, you can try mixing tall and short, petite and bulky table lamps.

    Recessed Lighting

    Many will not notice the existence of recessed lighting because they are ceiling-mounted, but it is one of the key elements of what makes a good light in your room. Not only does it add visibility to your home, but recessed lighting can also add interest and ambiance to your home as well.

    You can mix your recessed lights with other lightings such as your lamps or pendant lights. Just make sure that the room will not be too bright if you blend these lights because it will break the ambiance and mood of your home.


    Decorative lighting provides a good deal of home improvement benefits. Without it, our home could never be duller. Hence, knowing the essentials of a good decorative home lighting is crucial to make a home that is better to live.

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    Zachary McGavin
    Zachary McGavin
    Zachary McGavin is a writer whose forte is interior design and home improvement. For now, he writes about home lighting designs, with LampTwist as his source of the latest lighting products in the market today. When not writing, he loves to take a walk with his dog in the park.

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